The Apple Watch 8 ‘Pro’ might be the only watch you need

We haven’t seen it yet, but the Apple Watch 8 Pro is the most complete entry in the lineup yet. Most updates are aimed squarely at off-road sports and outdoor facilities.

What is the iOS product, smartwatch, and high-end fitness watch all over the place? Until recently, nothing. But the up-to-date Apple Watch 8 might fit the bill.

Bloomberg I mentioned last week The company planned to give the Watch Line a “professional” upgrade this fall. Along with several other rumored modifications, the inclusion will put the range’s lineup on par with other Apple devices such as the MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone Pro.

Speculation did not immediately set off fireworks. Some said The form factor update will be the most significant change from the Watch 7 to the Watch 8, which appeared to be scheduled for arrival in September. It has already taken advantage of watchOS 9, which promises a significant improvement in fitness features.

And in keeping with the high-end components that other Apple Pro series devices show off, it now looks like the Watch 8 Pro — whatever it’s called because it’s still unannounced — will change the Apple Watch game.

Professional features will include, in Bloomberg:

  • Bigger, more shatter-resistant screen
  • Upgrade walking and swimming tracking
  • Longer battery life
  • Durable, heavier construction made of some non-aluminum metal materials

Bloomberg speculated that the new material could be titanium. The screen will grow in all its dimensions from the current Watch 7 and is said to measure 2 inches diagonally to have a 7% larger screen size.

Right now, there’s no way to know if the Watch 8 will live up to the superstars of sports watches like Garmin or Suunto. There’s no word on whether Apple will improve GPS capability, as GearJunkie has found the Watch 7 to lag behind.

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Our experts found that the 7 heart rate monitor, ECG, sleep, steps and calories were all in order. watchOS 9 interface looks more comprehensive For wearers, its tools can improve fitness tracking.

Apple designed the larger screen to display more information and add fitness metrics such as heart rate, altitude, and energy zones. The new wattmeter will help the wearer track their output and help the watch gather important information during workouts.

In terms of durability against the elements, the Watch 7 came with a water resistance rating of WR50 (50 metres), but it isn’t rated for high-speed or high-pressure entry as it is in scuba diving or water skiing. Specifications for the new iteration were not available as of this writing.

To the casual buyer, the selling point of the professional-grade Apple Watch 8 looks similar to the selling point of the current iPhone 13 Pro compared to the iPhone 13. Aside from the better camera, the main gains that the 13 Pro brings to the table are decent—and feel the benefits like a can Stainless steel instead of aluminum, longer battery life, and ProMotion (Advanced Display Technology).

Here in the early stages, watchOS 9 should soundly improve some fitness features. But the unknown remains: how much crash-resistance will the Watch 8 be, and will users see an improvement in the GPS that was previously lacking?

We don’t expect the yet-to-be-announced Watch 8 to follow, beyond the arrival of watchOS 9 scheduled for this fall. Initial MSRP estimates put it anywhere between $850 and $1,000 – more expensive than any non-luxury entry from Garmin and near The end of the Suunto lineup.

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