It seems that Apple is not sure about its self-driving car project

There is no official photo of an Apple car because Apple likes to pretend it doesn't exist, so here's a very old photo of a Mercedes ML near the company's old headquarters.

There is no official photo of an Apple car because Apple likes to pretend it doesn’t exist, so here’s a very old photo of a Mercedes ML near the company’s old headquarters.
picture: David McNew / Newsmakers (Getty Images)

while we rub you may not see Apple Carthe people working on it within the technology The company clearly sees him all the time. But not Tim Cook. According to a new report dropping a number of details about Project Titan, Apple’s eight-year journey to achieve an autonomous car, the CEO has kept his distance from that endeavor. And if that doesn’t raise some flags about the state of the as-yet-unseen “Apple Car”, the rest of the report paints a very clear picture that things may be going. Many better.

Courtesy of the latest version of Apple Car arrives to us Where is the information?. Some of them are predictable: T.It seems that the individuals developing Titan lack a clear vision of what the end result should be It seems, most likely due to the fact that the leaders have joined the quest and left Faster than a well-used iPhone battery. For now, Kevin Lynch, formerly responsible for developing the software behind the Apple Watch, is taking the helm.

Lynch replaced Doug Field, who instilled an “era of stability” in titan, According to an anonymous Apple employee quoted in The Information story. Tesla had stolen a field from Apple, which he had stolen from Tesla. He stayed at Apple from 2018 until last year, when he left for Ford.

The uncertain atmosphere within the team appears to be exacerbated by the apparent suspicions of the outside. Cook rarely visits the Titans in Santa Clara, per each other employee, and doesn’t seem to be following their progress as closely as he can. Craig Federighi – Perhaps the most famous head of software engineering at Apple for Make weed jokes When introducing new versions of the company’s desktop operating system – he was said to have indicated to fellow executives that he wasn’t very enthusiastic about the project. Which I can kind of understand, because even if Titan didn’t work out, Apple will make its presence known in all of our future cars one way or another.

the Actual shape and design From Apple Car has It was shrouded in mystery from the start. Thanks to this report, we may now have some ideas about the expected design of the car. The car will theoretically have four seats, two rows facing each other, and those have seats Flat recline to sleep. As Apple looks to complete autonomy, the final product will not have a steering wheel or pedals. The shape of the greenhouse is said to be roughly circular – those in the know have compared it to the roofline of a Volkswagen Beetle – Designers are interested in implementing a Cargo space raises and lowers for “easier access”.

The final product can end seek Very strange. Just like the way Apple has embraced the notch created by the TrueDepth camera on top of many of its iPhones, the company may be using in-car self-driving hardware as design features, rather than masking the equipment. Former chief design officer Jony Ive, who continues to work with Apple as a consultant, has reportedly suggested that the company is “leaning on the car’s design quirks and not trying to hide its sensors.”

Right now, it seems like Apple is more busy getting the self-driving part of the equation right, which makes sense. The company has conducted all of its testing over the past several years in Lexus SUVs. While they seem to be doing well At last summer’s audition in Montana, Prototypes are starting to make more mistakes closer to home – one of them, It said , It almost got a jogger run over. information:

Inside Apple, executives praised [Bozeman, Montana] Demonstration as a success. The vehicles showed they could drive without relying on highly detailed 3D road maps, which most competing self-driving car programs require. Titan managers had hoped to weed out these costly, scalable, high-resolution maps on their way to one day building and selling a fully automated car that could operate almost anywhere in the world without a steering wheel or pedals, making Apple accountable for the car’s behavior. and her safety. of its occupants.

The good feelings that followed Bozeman’s demo didn’t last long. Apple’s test cars, modified for Lexus SUVs, struggled to navigate the streets near its Silicon Valley headquarters without maps, crashing into borders and sometimes having trouble staying in their lanes while crossing intersections, according to two people who worked on the program. And earlier this year, a test vehicle nearly collided with a jogging passenger who was crossing the street and had a right-of-way, one of those people said.

Apple software was unable to determine if the jogger was a static or moving object. A human driver inside the prototype had to apply the brakes, to ensure that the car would have hit pedestrians if they had not intervened.

The company reportedly halted the Titan fleet until it was able to remedy the software glitch and add this particular crossing to its database. However, it seems that the Titan team wants to achieve autonomy without Rely on perfect maps. While This is the direction the industry is headingIt is still a very difficult task today.

As it is, that’s pretty much all haRecently came to light regarding Apple car. Meanwhile It does not necessarily correspond to what our internal sources have told usApple’s usual secrecy about this project prevents it from confirming or denying anything, which means, in theory, that every Apple Car rumor is equally true..

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