How to download iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone

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During WWDC22, Apple unveiled the next iteration of the iPhone software in the form of iOS 16. With iOS 16, Apple is giving users a slew of new features such as customizable lock screens, editing and unsending capabilities in Messages, and multi-stop routing. in maps and more. It is definitely one of the biggest releases of iOS that Apple offers us, just like iOS 14 when it first came out.

But before Apple can release iOS 16, it has to work on the problems. Although there is a developer beta so that developers can test new features and use the new APIs for their apps, there is also a public beta for non-developers. With a public beta, the test pool for iOS 16 is opening up to more people, giving Apple more awareness of bugs that need to be fixed before the final release in the fall.

If you’re interested in helping Apple test iOS 16 on your best iPhone, here’s how to do it! Just make sure you have a compatible iPhone first.

What’s new in iOS 16?

July 5, 2022: Apple releases the first public beta of iOS 16

Apple launched the first public beta of iOS 16. With this public beta, users can experience all the new features in iOS 16, such as the new lock screen with customization options, and improvements to the Messages app including editing and unsending iMessages, as well as marking conversations as Unread, multi-station routing in maps, and more.

Make sure to follow the steps below to get your hands on the iOS 16 public beta.

How to make an archived backup for your iPhone

Before getting the public beta, you definitely want to make sure that you back up your iPhone. Although the process of downloading and installing the trial version is very simple, it is not without risks, and your iPhone contains all your personal data, which could be devastating if you lose it. That’s why you should always – Always Make a backup, just in case. Yes, even if you already have an automatic backup every night, it won’t hurt to make another one before you run the trial. This also helps ensure that all of your data is up to date.

  1. Connect your device to your Mac using the cable that came with it.
  2. release Finder window.
  3. select your connected device under Locations in the sidebar of the Finder window.
  4. click Husband To pair the device with your Mac.
  5. Faucet trust on the device to confirm that you want to pair it.
  6. Enter pass code on your device.
  7. If you don’t already have a backup on your Mac, click Make a backup now To make a backup.
  8. click Backup management After making a recent backup.
  9. Right or Control click on a file backup device.
  10. click Archives.
  11. click yes.

Archiving prevents your current backup from overwriting a future iOS 16 backup. This is useful if you change your mind later and want to come back.

How to register your account in iOS 16 public beta

If you’ve already joined an Apple public beta in the past, you don’t need to sign up again for iOS 16 — just sign in with the same Apple ID. If you haven’t joined a public beta before, you’ll start by signing up with your Apple ID.

  1. Go to on the iPhone you want to sign up for the beta version.
  2. tap on Participation To start. (If you have already subscribed to a previous public beta, tap sign in and skip to the How to Register Your Device section below.)
  3. enter you apple id Email address and password.
  4. Faucet sign in.
  5. Faucet Acceptance To agree to the terms and conditions.

Once you are registered and logged in, it is time to download.

How to enroll your iPhone in iOS 16 public beta

Unlike regular iOS updates, where you just click and start the download, Apple uses configuration profiles to validate the hardware of the iOS 16 public beta. Installing it is easy, lemonade.

Note: If you are using a previous public beta version of iOS, you may need to remove the previous beta profile before installing iOS 16 version. You can do this by going to Settings > General > Profileselect the iOS Beta software profile, and tap delete profile.

  1. Go to, if you are not already there.
  2. Click on iOS tab, if it is not already marked.
  3. tap on Download Profile.
  4. Faucet Allow.
  5. tap on Close.
  6. to open Settings.
  7. Faucet Profile uploaded.
  8. Faucet Installations in the upper right corner.
  9. Enter pass code.
  10. Faucet Installations.
  11. Faucet Installations.
  12. Faucet Restart.

Once your iPhone is done restarting, the iOS 16 download should start automatically. From now on, the process is the same as any other iOS update.

How to install iOS 16 public beta

To install the iOS 16 beta, you will need to visit Software Update on your iPhone.

  1. release Settings from your home screen.
  2. Faucet general.
  3. Faucet system update.
  4. Once the update appears, tap Download and install.
  5. Enter pass code.
  6. Faucet agree for terms and conditions.
  7. Faucet agree again to confirm.

Your iPhone will start rebooting to install iOS 16. You will see a few progress bars on the screen. Just sit back and let it all go by itself. Patience is a virtue!

How to get started with iOS 16 public beta

Once you have restarted your iPhone, it should be on iOS 16. Like any other software update, there are a few screens of the setup process that you have to do. This is usually because the system has changed enough that it needs to verify your login credentials to finish the process.

  1. Faucet Complete.
  2. Enter your Apple ID The password. iCloud settings will be updated, so give it a minute.
  3. Faucet start.

Once that’s done, you’ll be on the home screen and ready to rock iOS 16. Enjoy the quiz!

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