5 Tempting Tudor Dramas to Watch Right Now

The best Tudor movies and TV shows to stream right now

Divorced, beheaded, dead. Divorced, beheaded, survived.
Gloriana. Virgin Queen. Bloody Mary.

Just reading these words can instantly direct your mind to one of the most famous, scandalous, and awesome families to ever rule any nation. The powerful Tudor dynasty has always fascinated and astounded all who come across their stories during history lessons. From the king who held his crown against odds to a long-awaited male heir of no more than 15 years old, to the queen who defied all expectations and ruled for 45 years, their collective rule over England from 1485 to 1603 was filled with war, religious reform and betrayal at a time of loyalty, obedience and commitment. By the principles of one’s social status literally means life or death.

Where does the allure of all these TV and movie adaptations of the Tudor family come from? just their presence. For those of us who grew up here in the United States, we’ve never lived under a monarchy. Therefore, the instability of life under this type of government is something we cannot fully understand. Those stories told of imprisonment, passion, betrayal and execution by the Crown hundreds of years ago have made us addicted. But let’s be honest: that’s only part of what keeps us coming back for more. We also love drooling, sex, betrayal, failure, victories, and clothes! We all find these mythical accounts to be more sinister when everyone is lumped into cogs, doubles, braces, and farthingales.

with stars became Elizabeth Now here, Tudor fever is on the rise again. Far from finding a time-traveling machine to go back to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, here is a list of some of the most entertaining and mind-blowing images of these stormy Tudors to take on both the big and small screens.


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Although this series doesn’t quite match its title, it goes through most of Henry VIII’s period very quickly. In her ambition (employing multiple time jumps), all of his six marriages and nearly every major event that occurred during his time on the throne are depicted. However, what makes the Tudors It differs from the other series is that it contains, by and large, the sexiest actors and the most exciting love scenes. Plus, it heightens the historical plot, thanks to executive producer and writer Michael Hirst (who will go on to lead the highly successful team). Vikings).

Though less dyed or overweight to accentuate his ample circumference in later years, Henry VIII and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers exuded charisma and sex appeal, bringing the unapologetic bravado of Mick Jagger and Robert Plant’s face. Given all the characters involved, the cast is huge. Like Catherine of Aragon and Anne Boleyn, Maria Doyle Kennedy and Natalie Dormer provide solid performances as Henry’s first pair; Polar opposites whose tragic fates I believe later influenced Dormer’s role as Margaery Tyrell Game of thrones. Extravagant, sexy, and full of intensity, if you’re looking for something closest to a Renaissance and medieval soap opera, look no further.


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The roster of characters in most Tudor dramas is unchanging, so this series is a breath of fresh air by focusing on someone on the fringes of these bastard royals. Based on Hilary Mantell’s 2009 book of the same name, wolf hole He delves back into the love story of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII, but from the point of view of his Prime Minister, Thomas Cromwell (played by Mark Rylance).

Cromwell has to contend with both Henry (Damien Lewis, picking a perfect choice based on looks alone) and outspoken Anne (Claire Foy, who accentuates a great French accent at times) regarding “grand material,” a term he coined for the laborious process. Henry vowed to annul his marriage to Catherine of Aragon so that he could marry Pauline. Cromwell was caught in the middle. As a general ascended to a very powerful position, he knows he could lose everything if he gives the wrong advice as Henry contemplates secession from Rome and establishing the Church of England (a Catholic/Protestant split that would dominate the reigns of later Tudor kings). While the later books that make up the Mantel trilogy haven’t yet been adapted for the small screen, those looking for a viewpoint on a Tudor court from someone outside of the family will appreciate this simple yet impressive series.


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The Tudors would not have sat on the throne had it not been for the Wars of the Roses, which concerned two opposing factions of Plantagens (the Lancasters and York). The novels of Philippa Gregory, the leading writer of historical fiction, have been turned into three mini-series covering multiple generations involved in this battle.

Each series narrows down to queens whose titles consist of a title. white queen Covers Elizabeth Woodville (Rebecca Ferguson), a lesser noblewoman who married Yorkist King Edward IV and was said to have psychic powers. white princess Introduced by her daughter Elizabeth York (played great before Kill Eve Jodie Comer), whose hand has been given to marry the newly crowned Henry VII to secure peace in the land. Recently it was Spanish Princess, about young Catherine of Aragon (Charlotte Hope), her first marriage to Arthur, Prince of Wales, followed by her second marriage to his younger brother. You may have heard of him.

The common denominator in these stories? A divorced Lancastrian badass, the Red Queen herself: Henry VII’s mother Margaret Beaufort (portrayed in TWQ by Amanda Hill, TWP by Michelle Fairley, and TSP by Harriet Walter). Mediocre, pious, and obsessed with maintaining power and control on her son’s behalf, she is the all-time clever villain.


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As if viewers haven’t had enough of the Elizabeth I myth, Hollywood has given us yet another reworking of Queen Bess’ good life.

Starting with the recent ascension of a Tudor queen to the throne after the death of her very unpopular half-sister, Mary I, there is naturally an adventure in familiar territory in the Elizabeth. Directed by Shekhar Kapoor and written by Michael Hirst, the production value is exactly what you would expect from this type of project. Fashion, collections and everything in between, just drops of wealth and luxury. Cate Blanchett tears up the screen in every one of her scenes; She unequivocally turns herself into this woman with such ingenuity and strength, brilliantly showing her determination to repair what her father and grandfather built, but her brother and sister could not keep.

re-enactment of the role in the sequel, Elizabeth: The Golden AgeBlanchett’s sheer magnetism in a single axial sequence that includes an impassioned speech by her soldiers during a battle against the Spanish fleet once again proves why Elizabeth I’s mettle continues to impress and inspire. Of course, in both films, a lot of dramatic licenses are taken, but they will engage you from start to finish.

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As much as we love the way the studios continue to produce sitcoms and scripts, for me and many of my fellow history buffs, nothing beats a good documentary. Those who are less inclined towards fanciful images or want more concrete facts about the characters and real circumstances of these historical figures can rest easy. I’ve got you covered.

Presented by some of the most prominent Tudor historians, including Susanna Lipscomb, Lucy Worsley and Dan Jones, there are a number of ways that have endless documentary options for you to choose from, including PBS, YouTube History Hit channels, Real Royalty, Timeline, and of course. BritBox and Acorn TV. Any of the amazing and insightful documentaries out there will surely satisfy your curiosity about Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Mary I, Elizabeth I, and all their extended relationships and members of their court.

Who better to tell their stories than those who have studied them extensively?

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