Do you like Android? These are the dates Google desperately wants you to know

Google has just given hardware fans a glimpse of what’s coming next this year, and there’s plenty of better tech on the horizon. The California company has confirmed that it will release a new budget phone, an updated Android flagship, premium earphones, and even its first smartwatch. Sexy voice and want to know more? Here’s’s guide to everything new coming soon from Google.

Google Pixel 6a

Release date: Expected in July

price: £399

There’s good news if you’ve been fantasizing about a shiny new phone on a budget. It looks like Google’s Pixel 6a will hit stores this summer packing a lot of money at just £399. Perhaps the biggest news is that Google’s new Tensor processor will power this budget phone. That’s impressive considering that this premium chip is the same brains that currently pushes the £849 Pixel 6 Pro.

Besides that power, the 6a should also be nice to look at thanks to its 6.1-inch OLED display.

It also gets a similar design to its more expensive Google siblings including some fruity colors and a unique camera strip that runs across the back of the device.

Inside this slim panel is a smart dual-lens camera that takes perfect photos at night and also includes Google’s Magic Eraser tool that removes objects and photo launchers with a simple swipe of the screen.

Other noteworthy features include long battery life with fast charging, 128GB storage, and the latest version of Android.

Did you like that sound? You can register your interest now on Google Play.

Google Pixel 7

Release date: Expected this fall

price: TBC

They likely won’t arrive until fall, but that doesn’t stop Google from giving us all a glimpse of the new flagship Pixel 7 range. These devices, which include a Standard model and a Pro version, will be faster thanks to the upgraded Tensor processor.

Google promises that this next-generation chip will provide more useful and personalized features for photos and videos, security and speech recognition.

Another thing we do know is that Google sticks to the unique camera bar on the back. It’s a look that split opinion last year but from the images Google has posted online, the new camera layout inside this bar certainly looks more attractive than the current Pixel 6.

It looks like the Pixel 7 will get a dual-lens camera, with the Pro getting the addition of a telephoto lens.

We’ll find out more in the coming months.

google pixel watch

Release date: Expected this fall

price: TBC

Google finally launched its first tech watch. Dubbed the Pixel Watch, this wearable watch has a sleek design with a round face. It will be powered by a new version of the company’s Wear OS and include easy access to services like Google Maps as well as allow users to control things like music. Like all smartwatches, the Pixel Watch should help you get in shape thanks to technology from Fitbit and will feature Fast Pair technology for easy connectivity with Android devices.

Expect an official launch this fall.


Release date: expected soon

price: £179

Google’s Pixel Buds are about to get better thanks to the launch of a new Pro model. These mini music makers include booming sound, wireless recharge, and a whopping 31 hours of battery life.

Google also promises epic noise cancellation thanks to a new processor, smart algorithms, and technology called Silent Seal that further blocks outside noise.

There’s also a transparency mode so you can hear the world around you as well as full touch controls, so you don’t need to reach for your phone to skip tracks and pause ringtones.

They should soon be available in four fruity colors. Expect to pay £179.

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