Best Movies 2022 – Best Movies 2022

We’re almost halfway through 2022 (terrifying, we know), so we thought it’d be a great time to reflect on the year so far and the best movies we’ve enjoyed.

Unlike the past couple of years, cinema is back in full swing this year with blockbuster movies that got the big screen treatment they deserve. That doesn’t mean there haven’t been some gems to discover on streaming platforms like Prime Video, Disney+, and more.

So without further ado, here are the best movies of 2022 so far and how you can watch them if you haven’t watched them yet or fantasized about re-watching them.

(Note: There is no preferential order for the following, it is only in the order they were recently released in the UK, and if a movie hasn’t been released in the UK yet, it has no place here…yet.)

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Top Gun: Maverick It’s the rare sequel that fans of the original and those thinking back to the 1986 classic will love with vague scorn.

It has enough passion (from the ’80s to a sepia wash) for that serotonin kick, but not so much that you’re bothered by the weight of nostalgia.

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Everything everywhere at once

Everything everywhere at once It’s a movie full of the infinite possibilities of the multiverse, but that ends up deciding that no, in fact this universe is what we have – and that’s fine with us.

Don’t let this movie be one of your “what ifs”. You need it in your life.

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The unbearable weight of talent

by all accounts, The unbearable weight of talent It should not work the way it does.

But by being able to do exactly what you think will be a smarter way than you expect, it ends up being one of the most entertaining films of the year.

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Northman It reveals that we, really, have not changed much in thousands of years; We, too, spend our lives lamenting at the moon and raging against the invisible hand that leads us to our eventual death.

Time and space may have moved forward, but we as human beings are still connected to one another and that those deeper, darker, better parts of our nature govern us more than we might care to admit.

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The worst person in the world

Trauma, identity, death and uncertainty are explored and illustrated through the clear lens of director Joachim Trier in The worst person in the world.

It shows how we are a mosaic of the best and worst parts of our past, even when looking inward is painful and seems to push us away from ourselves. But these things aren’t burners to hit you with, they are simply imbued with every decision Julie makes and every turn the movie takes.

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With a lot of visual style and two great presentations, Fresh It is a surprising and quirky treat to a thrill you won’t want to miss.

It won’t lose its effect if you know exactly what’s in store for you, but you will undoubtedly gain more by entering with fresh eyes.

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turns red It stands proudly as one of the most versatile Pixar films to date.

Thanks to Domee Shi and her team, it delivers buckets of magic and beautiful visuals wrapped into a heartfelt and entertaining story.

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It’s easy to mistake Batman, but Matt Reeves never threatens to do so.

Batman It is a captivating, frightening, new take on the famous DC superhero that will make you desperate for another visit to this meticulously designed world.

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visually Kimi Fresh and tonic. Narratively, it’s compelling without being baffling. Her performance is controlled but highly irritable.

In these ways, Steven Soderbergh made a movie that seemed truly unique even within the confines of the genre, which prompted them enough.

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I want you Back It’s really funny in a way that doesn’t rely on sitcom scenarios.

Even when you think the movie is going to lean into the absurd, it backfires at just the right moment, all the while keeping itself consistent.

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Collective It might not seem like something you want to put it in, but you’ll miss out on an exceptional movie.

It’s a touching, thought-provoking, powerful drama with four of the strongest shows you’re likely to see this year.

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Scream Arguably, it wouldn’t really live up to its namesake, yet the new film takes back the spirit of the Wes Craven classic and its winning blend of horror and humor.

Do you like horror movies? If this is one, we do it a lot.

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The Electric Life of Louis Wayne

We know that your immediate reaction to The Electric Life of Louis Wayne It could just be another biopic with Benedict Cumberbatch, especially since he’s no stranger to playing real-life roles.

However, the truth is that it is a unique autobiography that charms and entertains you, before it breaks your heart and makes a lasting impression.

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