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Press release. Binance is a strange company. The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, it also does not have an official headquarters and operates outside the scope of regulatory oversight. But that may not stop her step. Binance.US raised $4.5 billion in funding this month, providing a new case for Binance fans. Today, they can share the exciting news that Freedom Protocol has set a new record for IDO volume.

Freedom Protocol is a new financial protocol that makes pledge easier and more efficient. It brings in the largest amount of IDO at over $4 million, another major DeFi project issued on the Binance Smart Chain.

Freedom Protocol is wise to raise money while it can. Revenue depends on the trading volumes of its cryptocurrencies, which are notorious for their volatility. It makes sense to set aside capital when possible while building relationships with outside investors. Notably, Freedom Protocol collects $4 from regular users rather than professional agencies.

Freedom Protocol fans like to claim that their goal has always been a challenge to the traditional financial world. No matter how difficult his actions were, they believed that the head of the Freedom Protocol had secret plans. Analyzing IDO’s $4 million volume for a DeFi platform requires a similar level of faith.

The Freedom Protocol announced that it aims to make financial investing simple and straightforward for all crypto enthusiasts. They have been warmly welcomed on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) which is the public chain launched by Binance, it is helping them to achieve record IDO volume in a few days.

The first to welcome them are opinion leaders. A few KOLs on Twitter post emotional tweets for this project, followed by posting outdoor ads in Australia and starting a lot of campaigns of various kinds.

Freedom Protocol is a typical case focused on private investment, stakes in private companies and individuals, all areas where institutional clients have increased allocations in recent years. Now Freedom Protocol has launched business around the world, including taxi ads at airports in Germany, which indicate Freedom Protocol’s design with the intent of helping more customers in other countries.

With nothing to prove, Freedom Protoco is confident enough to express the view that a model dominated by conventional finance is worth reforming. And this time companies and management need to adapt to the needs of DeFi, not the other way around.

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao described DeFi as an infrastructure for a new digital world, encouraging many investors and entrepreneurs to join the DeFi story.

But mainstream acceptance will be slow, they know. Regulators remain concerned about the use of cryptocurrencies for money laundering and other crimes. The head of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, Gary Gensler, described cryptocurrency markets as the “Wild West.” Hype is not appropriate for both investors and potential employees. So this week Freedom Protocol tweeted that it is trying to apply for licenses for crypto assets from both Dubai and Japan, and is moving away from portraying itself as a decentralized organization with no fixed headquarters.

Dubai permits will allow it to extend limited services to pre-qualified investors and professional financial service providers. The company will also locate a “blockchain technology hub” at the Dubai World Trade Center. said Oscar, founder of Freedom Protocol.

The success of the Freedom Protocol is an insignificant reflection of a larger and astonishing fact: cryptocurrency has left a huge audience so far on the financial system and internet innovation. And since the amount of financial work directly affects the daily life of every working individual on the planet, this is important.

It is estimated that the global cryptocurrency market has a market value of over $2 trillion. Binance’s digital token has risen over 1,000 percent since the beginning of 2021. The Freedom Protocol has provided a unique perspective on why Binance has been so successful in recent years.

Perhaps Freedom Protocol has a plan to completely transform the financial model. Perhaps one day you will be a crypto payments company. or the NFT trading platform. Or maybe all users of the platform just want to own it.


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