Vikas Singal”,founder of, owned by Vikas Singal, has surpassed $1 million in sales in the latest fiscal year

Consistency, quality and the obsession with keeping users for years by giving them the best always pays off. It seems like “Vikas Singhal” He installed these in his priority list from day one and worked to provide his users with the best of both worlds when it comes to SEO.

SEO is hard to hack and it usually seems like all companies struggle with it even after years of working in the field.

SamBlogs emerged with a vision to make its users the informative and smart and to provide them with the exact manual support they were looking for.

SamBlogs has installed it over the past several years and has now exceeded $1 million in sales in the fiscal year that ended March 2022.

This is a matter of great happiness for the entire team as well as”Vikas Senegal‘, founder of, but it’s no surprise!

Great things always yield the best results!

Vikas always believes in the following words and lives by them.

He says “stay grounded and keep growing” Vikas Senegal on achieving this feat.

He has been sincerely expected, expected and deserved by Vikas for the tremendous knowledge, learning and insight that he has continued to bring to SamBlogs since day one. has completed an amazing 9 years in digital marketing and SEO consulting now. And it has always been among the first choices of customers nationwide.

To give you a simple overview of the vast arena covered and outperformed by, Samblogs started in 2013 with a vision to make its users aware of what is happening in the world of SEO along with a set of tips, techniques, and learning needed to fulfill their SEO journey.

For the past nine years, Google has been playing around with new sets of rules to make users’ path to the top of Google’s search pages more complex. It’s no longer about posting high-quality content and sharing it to a range of communities to drive traffic. It has been widely changed year after year thus there has been a continuous development of relevant guides to build user trust accordingly. But tracked every little change and directed its users to navigate their ships in the right direction.

SamBlogs recently launched advanced monthly SEO packages to enhance user experience along with high domain authority, exclusive articles, premium links, and amazing social media impact. She did not leave literally a single stone unturned to make her users completely happy.

With the help of this leading SEO consultancy, users have continued to put their feet in the forefront and reap the real benefits of growing their business. With every tool the search engine takes, SamBlogs has followed suit and the rest is just history!

The only way to survive in today’s fierce competition where we have millions of blogs every day and more than 80% of them are closed, it takes knowledge, experience, strong creation and massive customer satisfaction to stay in place!

But to increase sales of millions, it is better to leave it to your imagination to feel the depth of the value that SamBlogs should hold.

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