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AMI, the French fashion brand founded by Alexandre Matteosi, has harnessed the talents of author Yan Demang and actors Riz Ahmed, Isabelle Adjani, Sohaila Yacoub, Sandor Fontek and Suzy Bemba in the short film. Dami Dami Notre sings Kom Al-Amour.

The new work, set to debut later this year, got some sparkle from the French Riviera as AMI presented a trailer on Wednesday night during the Cannes Film Festival at Le Studio Cannes. Participating in the tours in the exclusive party are Matteosi, Demang, Ahmed, Jacob, Fontik and Bemba, along with guests Xavier Dolan, Naomi Rapas, Jeremy W.

Alexandre Matteosi, Yan Demang, Noomi Rapas and Riz Ahmed at a screening of AMI’s Dammi during the Cannes Film Festival on May 18.
Courtesy of AMI

Written by Demang with Rosa Etab and produced by AMI, Vixens and Wayward Films, bloody It follows the story of a man returning to his hometown, Paris, and follows him as he “travels through memories of his past and surreal parts of the present, searching for connection and tribe among a changing mosaic of characters and places.” He is constantly faced with a question: How do you feel when you are at home with others?

This topic has a special resonance for Demange, who left Paris at the age of two with his mother and older brother, leaving behind a brother, a father and his first name, and creating a distance with his Algerian heritage.

bloody It has also been described as experimental and something between “documentary and abstract cinema”, focusing the lens on real Parisians and representing the author’s life characters, Ahmed, Adjani, Yacoub, Fontic, Pemba.

Matteosi said that cinema has been his great passion since childhood. “My fashion career owes a lot to my love of movies, which is as much about directing and scripts as it is about character development or fashion,” he said in a statement. “On a personal level, for me but also for AMI, there was a strong desire to produce a true cinematic story.”

He continued, “This was the beginning of an extraordinary adventure with Yan Demang, a director whom I have admired for a long time. We unleashed him, he created bloody, a wonderful, touching, very intimate short film about his father and his childhood. Now I realize that the values ​​that have been AMI’s since the beginning – family, friendship, love, and sharing – are the same values ​​that the silver screen says best. “

For his part, Demang said he wanted to play with space and time while creating a hybrid film experience, something “based on the reality of a lived experience, captured through a highly artistic lens, designed to evoke emotion.” He added, “This film is poignant, honest, emotional and cinematic, but never boasts: it carries the spirit and beauty of the poem told through a diverse film vocabulary, all of it own.”

Born in Paris and raised in London, Demang built a resume with TV series such as Secret Diary of a Call Girl, Dead Group and acclaimed senior boy Before moving on to feature films with 71 And white boy rick. Other credits include love country And Mogul Mowgli.

Launched in 2015 by Gary Farkas, Clement Lepoutre and Olivier Muller, Vixens has produced or co-produced six films, five short films, and three documentaries, including Sportin’ Life, Lux Æterna, The Giant, Lynn + Lucy And Too close to the sun.

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bloody From director Yan Demang on Ami
Courtesy of Ami

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