Top Gun Maverick makers wondered if the movie was possible ‘every minute’

The defector is back where he belongs (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

One of the producers of Top Gun: Maverick spoke about the challenges the creators faced when embarking on the huge challenge of creating the movie.

Creating a blockbuster isn’t a walk in the park… but going forward with making a sequel to one of the most popular action movies of the ’80s—starring Tom Cruise as the lead—was always another level.

Top Gun: Maverick ups the ante with high-octane stunts, a team made up of both familiar faces and newcomers, powerful music and a compelling story, but along the way the filmmakers have had their doubts.

At its London premiere on Thursday night, Writer and producer Christopher Macquarie asked if there was any moment during the making of the film when they thought it might have been too ambitious, or wondered that they would turn that into a reality.

“Oh every day. Every minute, he confessed.

“That’s all we do, is look at what we’re doing and evaluate it and say, ‘Are we doing what we think we’re doing?'” “You have to constantly check yourself and you have to constantly question the effect you are creating.

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Despite the massive fan base of the 1986 movie Top Gun, Christopher—one of Tom’s longtime collaborators—said they “didn’t take it for granted” that people would automatically come to see Maverick just because it was a continuation of the original.

We never took it for granted, we knew we had a really tough job ahead. We never said, “Oh, they’re just coming because it’s Top Gun,” he said.

“You really have to make a stand-alone movie.”

Tom Cruise in the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

The cinematography is simply stunning (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

Tom Cruise in the trailer for Top Gun: Maverick

The splinter is still as sharp as ever (Photo: Paramount Pictures)

After a long period of putting the puzzle together, including a three-year delay from the original release date, it’s time for fans to finally take Top Gun: Maverick in all its glory.

Christopher said he knew they had “something” when they first tested the film with audiences.

It was too rough a look, the music wasn’t done, the sound design wasn’t done, and the Lady Gaga song wasn’t into it. There was spontaneous applause. That’s when I knew we had something special,” he recalls fondly.

Tom and Christopher have collaborated several times (Image: Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)

The screenwriter has worked with Tom on several occasions throughout his career, including Jack Reacher, Mission: Impossible, and Edge of Tomorrow.

He revealed that with that, the adrenaline-loving actor can still surprise him from time to time.

“There is always a surprise, there is always a level you weren’t expecting. There is a choice you weren’t planning on,” he said.

I think I’ll know exactly what Tom is going to do when I bring him something, and he constantly surprises me or looks at him from a different perspective. That’s any day at work with Tom.

Top Gun: Maverick will be available in cinemas starting Friday, May 27.

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