More student developers are clicking coding for career development

Apple will focus more on student app makers at its Worldwide Developers Conference next month as interest in programming continues to spark interest among the younger generation.

The third edition of the Student Quick Challenge is a mainstay at the annual iPhone maker conference, which brings together an army of 30 million developers from around the world.

The Apple Student Program is also a potential gateway to a career in app development, which could prove lucrative as the global app ecosystem expands along with users’ growing reliance on digital tools.

The entire application process [an app] Sabrina Seals, a 13-year-old student developer based in Abu Dhabi, said the project and the stages you go through help you learn a lot. the National by WWDC.

“It gives you the right structure to build and design an app from scratch. It also gives you the right mindset to tackle the challenges of implementing an idea,” said Ms. Sales, who was among the winners of last year’s edition.

The global app market continues to grow, and app markets have launched several initiatives to attract programmers to help expand their digital offering.

The number of third-party apps on Apple’s App Store has grown exponentially since the platform launched in 2008. From the initial 500 apps at the time, it’s increased to more than 1.8 million now, which represents nearly 100 percent of all apps, according to for apple.

While far below market leader Google Play in terms of the total number of apps — about 3.5 million at the moment, according to Statista — the App Store still leads in revenue with iPhone sales tending to be higher in high-income countries.

Apple doesn’t specify how much the App Store makes in its financial reports, even though it’s part of a strong services sector.

Meanwhile, iOS app revenue nearly tripled to about $85 billion in 2021 from $28.6 billion in 2016, according to estimates by app data platform Sensor Tower. Google Play scored about $48 billion last year.

Apple said in January that developers, in turn, have earned more than $260 billion — $60 billion in 2021 alone — selling digital goods and services in the App Store since its launch.

“By providing iPhone users with many ways to extend and complement their experience, the App Store has been central to the continued success of the iPhone,” Juliette Caminade and Marcus von Wartburg, economists with the Boston-based Analysys Group, wrote in an April study. .

Apple doesn’t separate app developers by age, but it did acknowledge that its codecs, such as Affordable Programming, and App Development in Swift and Swift Playgrounds, had nearly 2 million students and educators in 2020.

The Cupertino-based company, which is among the most valuable in the world, offers free sessions to the general public through Today at Apple events in its physical stores.

My long-term goal is to be accepted into a reputable university known for computer science. We hope to play a role in making the UAE a global hub for innovation

Sabrina Sales, Abu Dhabi-based app developer and winner of the Apple Swift Challenge

Coding is seen as a valuable tool for the future economy, built on new age technologies and digital experiences.

Governments are also aware of its importance. Dubai, for example, launched the One Million Arab Coders Initiative in 2017 and a Challenge Program in 2021, to search for the best talent among the youth and provide them with the skills needed for the future.

The winner was announced on May 11th, Syrian refugee Mahmoud Shahoud, who took home $1 million as the first prize.

“My long-term goal is to be accepted into a prestigious university known for its computer sciences. We hope it will play a role in making the UAE a global hub for innovation.”

Her entry this year is called procrastinatora game I developed so you can “help educate my peers on how to manage their time in a fun and easy way”.

“I hope to learn how to write more efficient code,” she said. “I’m excited to see the new technologies and features Apple brings us this year and want to learn as much as I can from Apple engineers and other developers.”

The WWDC will be held online for the third year in a row, but last week Apple sent out a limited number of in-person invitations to the June 6 event.

Apple has also updated its training and certification for IT support and management professionals skilled in supporting and managing Apple products.

The training has been moved to an online and resume format, the company said, and users can prove their competency with two new exams and earn certification from Apple.

Updated: May 19, 2022, 10:19 AM

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