Is Vitalik Buterin about to jump from Ethereum to Bitcoin?

Is Vitalik Buterin About to Jump From Ethereum to Bitcoin?

Co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik Buterin He posted a tweet this week that revealed inconsistencies in his ideas and values.

Buterin listed ten distinct contradictions, including less reliance on people versus building permanent regimes and his love of decentralization and democracy versus a tendency to agree with intellectual elites over “the people.”

Surprisingly, many of the inconsistencies mentioned indicate that Buterin is not satisfied with Ethereum, and specifically its protocol design. Furthermore, he also talked about his desire to bring his project closer to Bitcoin.

Some took this to mean that Ethereum’s transition from Proof of Work (PoW) to Proof of Stake (Pos) proved more difficult than expected.

Speculation is mounting that Buterin wants to develop it on Bitcoin instead.

Problem with Ethereum?

Last month, Ethereum Protocol Dev Tim Beiko said that the merger will not happen in June, as previously announced.

Merging refers to the merging of PoW and PoS chains operating simultaneously. This event marks a significant milestone in the completion of the ConsenSys (ETH 2.0) layer. Current estimates place a publication date between the third and fourth quarter of 2022.

Given the constant delays, it’s clear that developers are struggling with the scale of the task at hand.

Buterin Storm on Twitter talks about the desire to turn Ethereum into a robust protocol capable of withstanding “extreme conditions.” Perhaps events at Terra reminded him of what was at stake if things went wrong.

However, he goes on to say that this desire belies the fact that critical ETH dApps are vulnerable to attack. In addition, this situation falls below what is acceptable from a security perspective.

“The contrast between my desire to see Ethereum become an L1 that can withstand really harsh conditions and my realization that many of the major applications on Ethereum already rely on more fragile security assumptions than anything we consider acceptable in the design of the Ethereum protocol.

Taking into account, Input-Output CEO and former colleague Charles Hoskinson She replied, “It’s not too late to come to Cardano.”

Buterin sympathizes with Bitcoin maximization

Last month, Buterin published a blog post discussing the extremes of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin maxis is often accused of being toxic and parochial. But Buterin argues that a “healthy dose of bigotry” can be justified in defending a more “honest” crypto ideology.

“What if Bitcoin extremists deeply understood that they operate in a very hostile and uncertain world where there are things that need to be fought over, and that their actions, personalities, and opinions about protocol design deeply reflect this reality?”

The post delves into the topic, covering issues such as developing the right money, being the most “authentic” first mover, and zero tolerance necessary to counter bad actors. Buterin ended up calling for more extremism.

It is fair to assume that the co-founder of Ethereum is a strong supporter of Bitcoin and those who support its ideology at the expense of others.

Taken in conjunction with the storm of his recent tweets, specifically the post wishing Ethereum to be “more like Bitcoin,” some suspect Buterin wants to leave Ethereum to work on Bitcoin.

CEO of Bitcoin Magazine, David Baileycommented that such a move was a far cry from being included in his “Bingo 2022 Card”.

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