How to improve organic growth: and start earning them

Have so-called link-building experts burned you in the past?

Do their methods, findings, and communications about backlink services seem “off”?

The sad truth is that many link-building efforts are ethically questionable or ineffective.

The good news is that there are other ways to dramatically improve your backlink profile without doing what most people do.

It’s time to take the “earning” approach instead of “building” links.

By pivoting around this link building strategy, you will be able to drive sustainable and lasting organic growth.

On May 11, I moderated a webinar with Amanda Milligan, Head of Marketing at Stacker Studio.

She showed us a proven method for creating news content that delivers results.

Here is a summary of the webinar.

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What is the difference between link building and link earning?

You can boost your organic growth by shifting your mindset from link building to link gain.

But what is the difference between the two?

link building:

  • Focuses only on the outcome, not how to get there.
  • It translates to offering less value to your audience.
  • It usually leads to SEO results that don’t last.

Link earning:

  • Focuses on creating content of enough value to merit links.
  • It creates a solid foundation for content that fetches links on its own.
  • It usually earns better links as well as trust and affinity with your audience.

The main difference between link building and link earning

If you are link buildingyour best case scenario is to promote one of your pages.

If you are win linkYou have a piece of content that delivers value forever.

With this approach, you will have more than one page reference link.

You can also visually display important brand links on your site because your content has been featured on a specific site that values ​​what you have created.

[See real comparisons of link building vs. link earning] Instantly access the webinar →

How to earn links

You can start earning links in format one simple step: Create topics of news interest and interest for publishers and their readers.

A post-worthy approach to content and link earning strategy means you get:

  • High quality news captures.
  • Brand authority.
  • First-class follow-up links.

What type of content is worth posting?

Content worthy of publication is episodic, data-centric, and context-appropriate.

1. Tangential content

  • Not specifically about internal business communications.
  • It is still interesting to the target audience of the publisher.
  • It appeals to more general readers.

[Questions to ask yourself when putting out tangential content] Instantly access the webinar →

Image created by Stacker Studio, May 2022

The ideal point is the overlap between what your brand is generally trying to do with post-worthy elements such as episodic content.

2. Data-centric content

  • It tells the story of an original novel.
  • In general it reveals new trends.
  • It often adds context to a larger story.
  • They can often be divided demographically.
  • Adds instant credibility.

[Discover the best data sources for your next piece of content] Instantly access the webinar →

3. contextual content

  • He looks at things historically.
  • It compares two things to get a complete picture, rather than looking at something too narrow.
  • It contains other bits of data and additional exciting insights that can add more information to the story.
  • It provides a way for brands to get involved if they can’t play a role in breaking news.

Snowball effect on earning links

Here’s an order of what you or your customers can expect from earning links, rather than just building them:

  1. Correlation results.
  2. Domain Assessment Results (DR).
  3. Organic page growth.
  4. Traffic results.

[Discover what each stage means for your growth] Instantly access the webinar →

How link gain fits into the SEO puzzle

For your SEO strategy to work best, be sure to use the 3D SEO approach:

  • Professional search engine optimization.
  • Site content.
  • earning linkage.
How to improve organic growth: stop building links and start earning themImage created by Stacker Studio, May 2022

Earning a link is 1/3 of a successful SEO strategy.

Your content must be valuable and discoverable to earn this ranking.

Once you earn those links to well-deserved content and tech-optimized site, organic traffic will start flowing.

[Slides] How to improve organic growth: stop building links and start earning them

Here is the presentation:

How to improve organic growth: stop building links and start earning them from search engine magazine

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