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‘Apple never wants Windows’: Reports of a self-driving tech giant car make online jokes

For years, netizens have been hearing about the possibility of an Apple car. However, nothing has been announced yet. But things changed a bit after a photo of a futuristic “Apple car” began circulating on Twitter on Wednesday, sparking funny memes and jokes on the internet.

It all started when the site started VR Scouting The California-based tech giant is reportedly considering a design that will feature a windowless in-car virtual reality entertainment system. Soon the image of the all-black car with a small Apple logo on the hood spread, more reminiscent of the company’s wireless mouse.

However, as the jokes continued, the site clarified that the now viral image that appeared in the article is a concept design for a self-driving car produced by Concept Creator and Letsgodigital, not Apple’s. But that did not stop netizens from doing so In search of fun in a technology company.

While some have compared it to the design Similar to Cybertruck Tesla“It’s a magical Apple mouse on wheels,” many laughed at.

The report will come in a few days Bloomberg It reported that Apple had hired a 31-year veteran of Ford to ramp up their electric-vehicle business. According to the report, the tech giant aims to launch a “self-driving vehicle as soon as possible by 2025”.

Apple reportedly filed for a May 3 patent for an entertainment system, which could replace a real-world scene in a car with virtual environments, according to Huff Post.

An Apple patent, granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office, is for a headset that helps relieve motion sickness for those using self-driving cars. β€œA virtual reality system may provide immersive virtual reality experiences by replacing a real-world perspective with virtual environments. Active vehicle systems and/or vehicle control systems can be combined with a virtual reality system to provide physical effects with virtual experiences,” states the patent summary.

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