Exclusive Southend Film Festival Interview with ‘Zaara’ Writer-Director Hassan Raza

Writer and Director Hasan Reda Special Interview at the South End Film Festival

Director: Hassan Reda

Author: Hassan Reda

Cast: Sonera Angel, Brij Mohan, James Graeme, Munisha Hassan

Synopsis: Zara is a young filmmaker with a lot of debt and nothing but holes in her pockets. Early in the morning, she left her home to shoot the last scene in her movie. However, as she is busy with filming, two unscrupulous bailiffs visit her family.

With the Southend-on-Sea Film Festival back again from May 26-29, I had the opportunity to ask Writer and director Hassan Reda asked a few questions about the film.ZaraSelected to play at the festival on Saturday 28y May at 4 pm.

Director Hassan Reda

Q: What do we expect from the movie?

A: We hope it will be a realistic, emotional and engaging story.

Q: How did the idea for the movie come about?

A: I watched a movie called emily And a movie called Ida. Both movies just stuck with me and in order to get these movies out of my head, I needed to make them Zara.

I really liked the fact that the heroine in both films is a dreamy female who does things her way, regardless of the consequences. I would like to think so Zara Similar to those characters.

s. What are some of your influences on the look and feel of the film?

A: My main inspiration for researching the movie came from other low-budget indie features.

These include, Who knocks on my door, follows, 400 blows, breathless.

Q: Were there elements of the original script that were modified during filming?

A: Minor things, but overall, the movie is an accurate representation of the script.

s. What are your favorite moments while making the movie?

A: My favorite moments were when an actor improvised a scene and it came out better than I could have hoped. The moment that still sticks in my mind is when Harvey (James Graeme) pushes out the door and Aslam (Brig Mohan) had no idea he was actually going to try to get in the house. The whole group was charged with great energy because of that moment

Q: Did you face any problems while making the movie?

A: Like any production, we faced many challenges while making this movie. The lighting was one of the biggest problems. I had intended that the vast majority of the film would be illuminated by sunlight. But I wasn’t aware of how much the sunlight kept changing. Another challenging factor was the fact that we were shooting in my family’s house with people already living there and we had to constantly bother them and tell them to keep quiet.

Q: What do you hope people will take away from the film

A: I simply hope people will enjoy the movie as a work of fiction.

Q: Do you have other projects you are working on?

A: Yes, I am currently writing a long script!

s. If someone is looking to direct their first movie, what advice would you give them?

A: Don’t spend a moment thinking about what other people want to see, or whether the film will make it to film festivals. Simply write the story that is truly in your heart and the rest will take care of itself!

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Southend-on-Sea Film Festival starts from 26y – 29y

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Exclusive Southend Film Festival interview with writer and director

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