Stadia 4.16 makes 1440p streaming setup, in-app help, and more

Stadia 4.16 is now rolling out via the Google Play Store and includes preparations for a likely 1440p stream, in-app help improvements, and more.

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1440p . likely streaming

In a previous update to the Stadia app on Android, we found a newly added reference to “UPTO_1440P” which hinted to us that Google might be preparing a new resolution for the service. Technically, Stadia can stream at 1440p on desktop and laptop computers that have a screen resolution higher than 1440p but lower than 4K.

as pointed out Chris Claydeveloper of the excellent Stadia Enhanced extension, When Stadia streams at 1440p resolution on desktops today, you’re watching a reduced version of a 4K stream, rather than a native 1440p stream.

Now it looks like Google might make Stadia’s 1440p support more official as an additional option in the app’s menus. The final tip comes in a piece of text describing a new level of data usage that is not currently in the app.

Data usage may be up to 14.4 GB/hour

The new tier fits well between the 12.6 Gbps used by 1080p streaming and the 20 Gbps used for the Stadia Pro’s 4K layer, further confirming that we’re likely to be looking at the 1440p class. At the moment, though, it’s still unclear if this is intended for use on Android devices with a 1440p screen or an Android TV.

In-app instructions

Inside the Stadia app’s menus, there’s a simple Help button that opens your web browser to the Google Stadia support pages. It looks like Google may have new intentions to get help with Stadia, with signs of an in-app system for contacting a Stadia support agent.


Enable GoogleHelp

Another possibility is that the app may simply create a specially modified version of the link below that will give support agents the information they need to better diagnose your problem.

Customize the touch controller

In recent updates, Google has improved Stadia’s touch gaming controller, and recently paved the way for game-specific touch controls. In Stadia 4.16, we found that Google may be planning some additional customizations for the touch controller, such as adjusting the size of the touch buttons.

Enable TouchGamepadCustomizationMenu

Click Size

Anecdotes and wonders

The deep connection between Stadia and Ubisoft appears to be continuing, with some new mentions of Ubisoft + Rewards appearing in app scripts. It is possible that you will be able to claim these rewards directly from within the Stadia app, if you have a valid Ubisoft+ subscription.

Enable Ubisoft Plus

Ubisoft + Bonuses

Quite a few new ratings descriptors from ESRB, PEGI, and USK have been added to the Stadia app, although this could be just a simple housekeeping and not a sign of any upcoming games.


uskBurdensome Themes
Comedy violence
fantasy violence
usk horror
scary moments
sexual overtones

There’s also this new series, but I don’t think we should talk about it.


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