Spyfu 2022 Review: Features, Pricing, and More

As its name strongly hints, SpyFu is built for competitive intelligence. Its core features will help you understand what drives the performance of your competitors, which will directly feed your own strategy. SpyFu still performs well in this regard, but do its newer features make enough to recommend it as an all-in-one SEO solution?

Who is SpyFu for?

SpyFu presents itself as an in-depth domain and keyword analysis tool, without the massive dashboards full of data. It’s a great option for small businesses that want to focus on those key metrics that you’ll put on the first page of Google.

SpyFu is also excellent for big brands that want a snapshot of competitor activity. The availability of historical data is a real bonus in this regard. For these large companies, SpyFu will likely serve as a complement to a more complete suite of SEO tools.

SpyFu . Features

SpyFu contains a variety of strategic tools for both SEO and PPC. It doesn’t have some powerful backlink tools, but it doesn’t cover technical SEO or content marketing.

SpyFu offers a lot of features for competitive analysis and keyword tracking. Image source: the author

Domain Overview

The Domain Overview screen is the starting point for further analysis in SpyFu. From this interface, you can select the trends you want to analyze in more detail.

Once you enter the domain name into the search bar at the top of the screen, SpyFu will report on dozens of metrics. These include:

  • The number of keywords this domain is currently ranking for on Google, by SEO and PPC
  • Keywords recently dropped from the first page of Google for this domain
  • The biggest competitors of this brand in SEO and PPC
  • The number of incoming links for your chosen domain

Click any of these metrics and you can delve into the finer details on the next screen.

Dashboard on SpyFu, full of Geico.com data

SpyFu’s Domain Overview dashboard is a great place to start your analysis. Image source: the author

Source: SpyFu.

SpyFu’s Domain Overview feature reflects the strengths and weaknesses of this platform.

There is no shortage of data presented here and it can be very illuminating, but users must process and evaluate the numbers to get that insight. Other platforms are easier to use, although they often lack this variety of data.

SpyFu also focuses on external performance metrics. It does not crawl websites to measure technical SEO correctness, for example. SpyFu starts with symptoms (site ranking) and invites the user to group the causes together. This may mean that you will want to pair this tool with a specialized technical SEO crawler to view the full picture.

Keyword Analysis

SpyFu’s keyword research tool is powerful enough to compete with competing SEO tools, and it has some special features that make it stand out from the field.

Including historical data for all subscription plans is a big bonus. Taking into account the fluctuations of SEO rankings, we are very welcome to see this long-term perspective. There are also useful filters to display keywords that have recently increased or decreased in a ranking position, so you can take immediate action.

Diagram showing historical ranking sites.

Historical data in SpyFu is excellent for understanding the broader landscape of your target keyword. Image source: the author

Source: SpyFu.

SpyFu’s keyword finder makes great use of competitor data to identify new and valuable keywords to target.

The metrics available to competitors include an account of the traffic these sites receive from their current keyword rankings.

For example, if a competitor ranks a total of 100,000 keywords, SpyFu estimates the number of clicks those rankings receive each month. It also applies monetary value to those SEO visits by estimating how much the site would have paid for the same clicks through paid search.

This can be great from an SEO standpoint, as it helps senior leaders understand the important benefits of organic search marketing. When asked to increase your SEO budget, such numbers are infinitely useful.

Users should also keep in mind that these calculations are inevitably approximate.

In its help center, SpyFu states, “Realistically, these days, you can expect our total estimates such as ad budget and SEO clicks to be accurate about 90% of the time.” Personal experience will put this number lower, so users should keep this warning in mind when using this data.

There are other strategic aids in the SpyFu keyword tool, including the Kombat feature. This will allow you to pit three domains against each other to identify areas where your brand is missing. You can then track those keywords to monitor improvement over time.

Diagram of current SEO ranking performance for three sites.

SpyFu Kombat is useful for finding new keyword opportunities by finding areas where competitors rank. Image source: the author

Source: SpyFu.

Backlink Analysis

SpyFu has historically focused on keyword and competitor analysis, but it also has very powerful backlink analysis tools.

The process is simple and intuitive, starting from the initial import of the backlink all the way to accessing the blogger. You can enter a target keyword for your domain, compare backlinks with competitors, and identify the reasons why your site is lagging behind.

From here, you can start creating the same links. SpyFu has a nifty feature that extracts the contact details of the targeted sites, so you can save time on pulling those details out manually. You can also leave notes and a score for the importance of each potential link. Think of it as a classic spreadsheet for connecting bloggers with a much-needed facelift.

Table showing a list of link metrics given in columns.

SpyFu’s backlink analysis tools are powerful and easy to use. Image source: the author

Source: SpyFu.

There are over 103 million domains in SpyFu’s link index and over seven billion hits, which is enough to get a snapshot of the overall picture. It is worth noting that these numbers are significantly lower than those reported by SEMrush and Ahrefs.

However, SpyFu provides the tools most marketers will need to analyze backlinks, at a lower price.

Ease of use of SpyFu

The interface of SpyFu is easy to use, and it usually requires nothing more than a domain name to get started. The design is easy to digest at a glance and users can focus on any metric by clicking on it.

However, the design lacks the refinement of larger competitors and the setup process provides limited assistance. SpyFu is a straightforward tactical tool, but it does not offer the same comprehensive SEO management as other software suites.

SpyFu . Pricing

The cheapest SpyFu package compares well with the lower level options available from similar SEO software solutions. The basic plan is $39 per month, and as SpyFu makes clear throughout, this offers unlimited access to search data.

This is a major selling point when set against the likes of SEMrush, and SpyFu knows it.

On the professional level, which is $79 per month, users can access more reporting options and the SpyFu API.

The most expensive package, the Team plan at $299 per month, provides up to five user logins and a significant increase in the number of keywords users can track.

There are also great discounts available right now for users who sign up for an annual plan.

The three SpyFu pricing options, shown in vertical columns.

SpyFu pricing opens at $39 per month, which includes unlimited access to the platform’s data. Image source: the author

Source: SpyFu.

There is also a free, modified version of SpyFu. Its features are limited, but it’s perfect to try out at no cost and no risk, if you want to try it out before you buy.

SpyFu support for

All the essential features are here, from phone support (6am-5pm Monday through Friday) to live chat and email. Response times are usually within 24 hours as well.

SpyFu training is limited when compared to SEMrush or Ahrefs. There are helpful tutorials on the site and the blog has in-depth guides to key features, but you’ll find more various resources on other SEO tools.

SpyFu . Benefits

The benefits of SpyFu are obvious. It is a great tool for analyzing competitors and provides a unique perspective on the SEO marketing landscape. The insights you take from this tool can influence everything from search marketing spending to your broader brand strategy.

A great tool to spy on competitors

SpyFu has evolved from a competitor analysis platform to a more comprehensive suite of SEO tools. Its main strength still lies in domain analysis, however, its link analysis capabilities lag behind those of Ahrefs or SEMrush. SpyFu also lacks content marketing and technical SEO tools to recommend it as an all-in-one solution.

However, SpyFu offers enough data and special metrics to make it a worthy addition to any SEO toolkit.

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