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Next morning: Take every test you can think of on the Apple M1 Ultra chip

We’ve tested a lot of Macs (and even iPads) that run on Apple’s M1 chip. But now we have the M1 Ultra and the ability to burn. As a quick reminder, the M1 Ultra combines two M1 Max chips together to give you a processor with 20 CPU cores and 64 GPU cores – yes. It comes with up to 128GB of RAM, ensuring it’s one of the fastest processors ever in the Engadget offices – or at least the WFH offices and spare rooms.

Chris Schudt of Engadget, host of the Upscaled series, has compiled a list of readers and YouTube viewers with the goal of pushing the new segment as hard as we can. Think Adobe Lightroom, Premiere Pro, Davinci Resolve and Fusion, 3D modeling in Blender, machine learning tests like TensorFlow and Pytorch, and some games. Definitely.

However, Apple’s M1 ecosystem still feels, at times, incomplete — Chris has run into some weird bugs, and software compatibility is still an issue. Check out his full audition in the latest episode of Upscaled.

– Matt Smith

The biggest stories you may have missed

All-electric campus design focuses on sustainability

The Google

Google finally opened its Bay View campus to employees nearly 10 years after revealing its initial plans for the new facility. It’s the company’s first Google campus, and it’s covered in a “dragon skin” of 90,000 silver solar panels capable of generating roughly seven megawatts of power, or up to 40 percent of the power needs of new offices.

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Don’t tell her your weaknesses!

Google has launched an interview warm-up tool that uses artificial intelligence to help you prepare for interviews. The site asks typical questions (such as “Tell me a little about yourself”) and analyzes your audio or written answers for areas for improvement. You’ll know when you overuse certain words, for example, or if you need to spend more time talking about a particular topic.

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Get rid of gas powered lawn tools.

With a long, hot summer approaching with soaring gas prices and the writing on the wall for two-stroke engines in your yard, what better time to electrify your lawn care equipment? Before you head to your local home improvement center, here are some tips on what to look for in an electric mower, straight from the people who built it.

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“We have people on the inside in your government,” Conte’s group said.

Last week, Costa Rica declared a state of emergency after a massive Conte ransomware attack on its government. Now, Conte has bolstered her threat, saying her goal is nothing less than to overthrow the government. “We have an insider in your government,” the group said. “We’re also working on accessing your other systems, and you have no other options but to pay us.”

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Generally less clutter.



As part of Cooking Week, we tested some of the most specialized (and in some cases, ridiculous) kitchen gadgets we could find. We wanted to know if these great-looking devices are really worth the splurge. Along with a rather clever roaster yesterday, we tested the Almond Cow, a large, high-powered blender with just enough moving parts to make a milk replacer at home, with an attached blade, filter basket, large base and a motor inside that makes everything magic happen.

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WL! Egg expects to have its products in restaurants by the end of 2022.

There are plenty of meatless burgers and chicken nuggets, but not many vegan eggs. Sure, you can find powder substitutes, but a whole egg with liquid yolk is a different bag. WL! Eggs claim to have developed the first sun-baked, hard-boiled vegan eggs. After a limited roll out in Israel, the company brings its products to the United States.

Since their eggs are made from soybeans, sunflower oil, water, and flour, they are more sustainable to make. With just one gram of protein, it’s not a nutritional value substitute for chicken eggs, but it doesn’t contain any cholesterol. We also need to taste it. Do they go well with hot sauce?

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We gave her a test drive.



The Mustang Mach-E GT suffers from long name syndrome – Ford just had to cram a Mustang in there, which really pissed off some “classic” Mustang owners on the Internet. They can be as crazy as they want because the GT is a great addition to the family, even though it’s an electric SUV. Check out our test drive video.

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