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Nexthink, the leader in digital employee experience management (DEX) software, today released a new report, Expect Windows 11 upgrades in business ITAnd which investigated 3.12 million unidentified devices across 457 organizations and 8 industries to reveal that nearly 40% of devices are already ready for Windows 11 migration. Windows 11 is set to be Microsoft’s primary operating system on October 24, 2025, and along with it comes with more requirements stricter than its predecessor Windows 10. While the deadline may seem far off, new data suggests that this time many organizations may need to prepare, as the total number of hours required to update 60% of incompatible devices will take at least 4.2 million manual hours .

Nexthink customers are at the forefront of innovation, creating a positive digital experience for their employees, ensuring all technologies and devices are up-to-date and running smoothly. For this reason, many are focused on Windows readiness, and those in the planning stages have welcomed the opportunity to learn more about how their organization can successfully prepare for a Windows 11 migration, including hardware that is ready, nearly ready, or not at all ready for an upgrade.

“Upgrading to Windows 11, like any digital transformation, can be seen as a double-edged sword for companies that want to benefit from innovation but are concerned about the efforts that come with checking compatibility and making sure the upgrade happens without risk,” said Yassin Zayed, Director of Strategy at Nexthink. As a result, these upgrades often get delayed, costing organizations valuable time and money. While upgrading to Windows 11 is challenging, our research confirms that with a proper understanding of each employee’s digital environments, choosing the best trial range, and a thorough understanding of what needs to be done before upgrading — companies can be quicker to benefit from innovation and risk-free.”

It is critical that IT teams accurately assess device compatibility and performance sooner rather than later to reduce costs, delays, and disruptions. The main findings from this study emphasize this point:

1: More than 60% of devices analyzed were not ready to upgrade to Windows 11

When it came to assessing uptime and compatibility, nearly 40% of the analyzed devices were compatible with Windows 11. Upgrading these devices requires relatively little resources and cost, and the IT department will simply have to educate and inform employees to accept the upgrade. However, of the remaining devices, almost 25% were of them, while more than 35% were not ready at all. These devices will require major upgrades and the IT department will need to consider how and when to migrate these employee devices to Windows 11, if at all possible.

2: The total cumulative effort required to manually upgrade these devices will be 4,212,000 hours

Shockingly, if you upgrade manually, the total number of hours required to update 60% of incompatible devices would be at least 4212,000 cumulative hours. This calculation is based on a conservative estimate of 15 minutes for each manual task required to update devices to Windows 11.

3: Business can affect hardware readiness for Windows 11 certification

A company’s business sector can have a significant impact on the type of technical expertise it provides. Looking at eight industries, the report found that the consumer goods sector had the highest percentage of devices ready to upgrade to Windows 11, while the power and utilities sector had the highest percentage of devices with legacy hardware and operating systems. Some industries, such as the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors, tend to stick to older operating systems to ensure that critical applications are compatible and tested on newer Windows versions.

Knowing that about 15% of Windows upgrades typically fail, it’s essential that organizations understand their readiness to migrate and the challenges they will face when the time comes. Learn more about how organizations can successfully prepare for adoption of Windows 11 here.

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