June Films launches with Clémence Poésy and Ariane Labed projects – Deadline

except: French industry directors Naomi Dinamore and Julie Pelley launch Paris-based independent production company John Films with a bustling slate of films and TV. Move the mouse down for the company’s current line-up.

After meeting on Celluloid Dreams 15 years ago, the duo have been putting together their first roster over the past 18 months and are now making films with talent including Clémence Poésy (tunnel), Ariane Labed (Mary Magdaleneand Hafsia HerziA good mother).

The idea is to be director-driven and gender-neutral and the company will leverage the duo’s extensive experience in international production and distribution to raise the prospects of their projects.

Previously, Bailey worked at Haut et Court where she has produced more than ten films including the Cannes 2020 title jagarinA two-week film, directed by Cannes Carpignano kiara And The night eats the world by Dominique Rocher.

Dinamore is best known for its work in international sales (MK2, Indie Sales and Le Pacte) and in acquisitions for distribution companies such as Ad Vitam in France and Elastica in Spain.

As a producer, the company largely works on projects in French and English, but the company will also be looking to do co-productions with foreign directors. Both Dinamore and Bailey are fluent in English.

June Lined up It includes five features as a main product:

Hafsia HerziThe third feature, after A good mother (Un Certain Regard 2021) and You deserve a fan (Critics Week 2019) Adapted from La Petite Dernier (the last one) Fatima Daas. Filming is planned for the second quarter of 2023. The novel 2021, which has sparked a lot of conversation in France, charts the troubles of a gay Muslim woman who grew up in a suburb [suburb] outside Paris. She not only faces institutional racism and misogyny but must also deal with a family that wants a son instead of a daughter.

AmazonDirected by Emma Benestan (the fragile), is an elevated genre film that will be shot in the farms and wide open spaces of the Camargue region, to explore the world of bullfighting.

The following three films are jointly developed with Haut et Court:

Clemence Boyce

English-language directorial debut by Clemence Boise, co-written by Georgia Oakley (blue jeans), adapted from the critically acclaimed novel Anna Hope anticipationWhich has been translated into 20 languages. The critically acclaimed 2019 novel charts the dreams and disappointments of a group of East London women. The film is a co-production between June, Haut et Court, Andrea Calderwood and Gail Egan’s UK banner Potboiler, which includes its credits The last king of Scotland And perpetual gardener.

jagarin Directors Fanny Littard and Jeremy Troelle working with June on a French language feature who is co-writing emilyAnd I lost my body And huge insect writer Guillaume Laurent; And an English-language film with an American production partner, the details of which are still kept secret.

June Co-production list It also includes two features scheduled to launch before the end of the year:

The second feature of Carlo Cerrone after Sole (Venice in Orrizonti, 2019), produced by Giovanni Bombelli, co-producer of the carras (Berlinal Golden Bear, 2022);

Actress Ariane Lapid debuts sistersIt is an English language film produced by Favorite Ireland costume element pictures. souvenirAnd Mary Magdalene And crayfish The actress directed Labed in a nutshell Firstly Which won Best First Feature Film in Clermont-Ferrand in 2020.

June is also working on TV projects. The costume develops a limited series, adapted from Legendary Bataclan Obsession By Alexander Kaufmann (who will also co-write the series), alongside Prayer The two books, Fanny Bordino and Samuel Doe. Developed together with Studiofact, the series has already generated strong interest from potential buyers. The plot follows a woman who falsely claimed to be the victim of a terrorist attack.

Billy and Dinamore told us: “June brings together a family of filmmakers we’ve met over the years. We will foster the emergence of new talent, while introducing a modern production model. The company aims to protect the vision of its filmmakers, while guiding them into the international market, and our group focuses on Director-driven cinema that presents a diverse set of worldviews.”

He continued: “The pandemic has shown that there will always be a need for new content. As broadcasters, studios and financiers look for exciting European filmmakers, our talent relationships and access to emerging voices position us in the market.”

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