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How to enable and use Live Captions on Windows 11 2022 [May]

This tutorial is about how to enable and use Live Captions on Windows 11. We will do our best to make you understand this guide. I hope you like this blog, How to enable and use the Live Feedback feature on Windows 11. If your answer is yes, please share it after reading this.

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Check out how to enable and use Live Captions on Windows 11

One of the many features included in Windows 11 is live translation. This new accessibility feature in Windows 11 converts audio to text and plays it on your device. As a result, consumers will benefit from live captions while watching movies online. A microphone can also be connected for face-to-face chats. When live captions are enabled, the audio will be easier to interpret for users with hearing impairments and others who find it difficult to understand audio broadcasts. This capability is currently only available in English (United States), so the English audio will be converted into English subtitles. However, we hope Microsoft will provide support for other languages ​​in the near future. While Windows 11 makes it easier for users to interpret the music being played, it protects your privacy and ensures that data is not shared with Microsoft servers. You can use live translation even if you are not connected to the Internet after downloading the necessary software. Also, you can customize the title text and its position on the screen to your liking.

How to enable live translation in Windows 11

At the time of writing, the Live Subtitles feature is only available to Windows Insiders running Preview Build 22557 and earlier. If you are running a qualifying version, you should have received the update and can use live translation. To enable live translation in Windows 11.

  • Launch the Start Menu, search for Settings and select the best match.
  • Select Accessibility in the sidebar and go to Closed captions in the hearing
  • Turn on the Live Subtitles toggle button.
  • Select Download in the confirmation pop-up to set up live captions and download the necessary files.
  • You can also use Win + Ctrl + L shortcut to quickly activate live translation on your system.

How to customize live translation in Windows 11

If you have used subtitles before in Windows 11, you must be familiar with subtitle text customization. But if you haven’t assigned subtitles before, don’t worry; Changing subtitle settings is relatively easy. To customize or customize live subtitles styles in Windows 11.

  • Enable live annotation as described in the previous section.
  • Select the title style from the drop-down list box.
  • Click Edit to edit the style.
  • You can name your own custom style and choose how the text and background will appear using the ‘Text’, ‘Background’ and ‘Window’ tabs.

In addition, you can also change the general layout of live translations by adjusting their position, filtering profanity, and more:

  • Make sure that Live Subtitles are enabled by pressing the keyboard shortcut Windows + Ctrl + L.
  • Click the gear icon in the upper right corner to access the live subtitle settings menu.
  • You can then easily select your preferred job and title options.

Add accessibility options to the Windows 11 taskbar

The quick settings menu is a nice improvement in Windows 11 that allows you to quickly change basic settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and more. You can customize the quick settings menu to provide accessibility features. To add the accessibility feature to the quick settings menu on the taskbar:

  • Open the quick menu from the taskbar and select the pencil icon.
  • Click Add and then select Accessibility.
  • Rearrange the buttons according to your preference and finally select Done.
  • Now you can use the accessibility icon in the quick menu to enable/disable live subtitles, magnifying glass, narrator, etc. easily.

Final Words: How to enable and use Live Comments on Windows 11

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