Best window cleaning tools in 2022

Cleaning windows is an easy task to forget, so if your glass has become dull and dirty behind your back, you will need the best window cleaning tools to make it sparkle again. Once you decide to restore the panels to their former glory, you may encounter some issues along the way. There are hard-to-reach exteriors, hard-to-reach corners, large glass doors to deal with, stubborn dirt and streaks, plus mirrors and shower doors that also need visibility. However, don’t worry, our roundup of window cleaners has been crafted with all these issues in mind, providing solutions for everyone.

But with so many different types of window cleaning tools, from simple squeegees to machine tools and extendable brushes, it can be hard to figure out the right solution. If you’re not sure what kind of tools you need, check out our easy buying guide at the bottom of the page. Below, you’ll find mini reviews of our favorite window cleaning tools, where we rate the cleaning power, value for money, and any extras or special features they might have.

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Best window cleaning tool: a quick glimpse

How to choose the best window cleaning tool

What factors should be considered when purchasing window cleaning tools?

There are several factors to consider when purchasing window cleaning equipment, which will make choosing the right product much easier in the first place.

square meter window: Consider the size of the window cleaning task. Homes with smaller windows or less glass will be offered easy cleaning by manual cleaning options, such as squeegees, cloths, and brushes. If you are dealing with large glass doors or multiple floors of windows, a power cleaning tool such as a glass vacuum cleaner or a steam cleaner may be needed to get through things at a reasonable pace. Notably, second-floor windows are difficult and sometimes dangerous to clean – and an extendable cleaning brush is the perfect solution.

cleverness: Every cleaner on this list does an excellent job of cleaning pane glass, so don’t worry about it. However, while you are already ready to clean the windows, it may be easy for you to clean the tiles, clean the grout, or treat the floors and furniture. If you want to get more done with less, find all-purpose tools and complete cleaning kits in the list below.

How much will I need to spend?

If you’re going to use a simple spray, a rag and a mop, you can get a quality kit for around 10 to 15 pounds, or as little as ten if you’re not interested in getting the best microfiber cloths. Complete sets, extendable brushes and scrubbers with additional accessories and extras tend to run between £20 and £50.

If, like Dylan, you’re willing to use electricity, you can get cordless window vacuums starting at £20, with more elegant models costing around £50-80. Alternatively, a multi-purpose steam cleaner is a great option, costing between £60 and £300 for standard solid models. Our best steam cleaner report contains more information and options for this type of cleaner.

What is the best time to clean windows?

We understand the urge to clean your windows on a warm, sunny day. It’s nice to go out in the sun, and the bright light makes it easy to spot dirt and marks. However, warm temperatures and bright sunlight will cause windows to dry out too quickly during cleaning, which is what causes the streaks we’re trying to avoid. So, for clearer cleanliness, you’ll want to handle the windows on a cool cloudy day.

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The best window cleaning tools to buy

1. Bosch GlassVac window cleaner: The best window cleaning tool for a streak-free shine

price: £65 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re looking for a simple, reliable, streak-free way to clean your windows, this window cleaner from Bosch is the perfect tool for the job. It comes with a handy 2-in-1 sprayer and cleaning cloth, as well as 30ml of detergent. Once sprayed and wiped down with the sprayer, the windows are ready to mop and vacuum the main machine, making them look like new.

The GlassVac wiper blade is the same from the Bosch range of cars, and provides powerful and effective cleaning worthy of your car’s windshield. The squeegee blade is also well shaped, making it easy to reach the edges of window frames to clean hard-to-reach dirt.

The vacuum itself is lightweight, cleans smoothly, and works on a range of glass surfaces as well as tiles, making it easy to reach a large surface area in the device’s respectable 30-minute battery life. This window broom is a solid investment for those who want to clean large areas of glass and tile quickly, thoroughly, and without breaking a sweat.

Key Details – Weight: 700 g capacity: 100 ml blade width: 13.3 cm; Battery life: 30 minutes; Additional attachments: yes

2. 3M Telescopic Draper Washing Brush: The best window cleaning tool for second floor windows

price: £23 | Buy now from Robert Dias

Bending over from a second floor window to clean it is not just a pain in the neck, it’s also dangerous. A good way to take the stress and tension out of this task is to get an extendable glass cleaner. This telescopic washer brush is a versatile tool that does a great job of cleaning hard-to-reach windows, car windshields, and tough panes, starting at just one meter and extending up to three metres.

The brush is lightweight yet durable and has an additional connector for attaching to a hose tube, with a switch built into the handle that regulates water flow. From there, it’s just a matter of choosing the right attachment for the job. This model comes with three cleaning heads: a bristle brush for rough surfaces, a washing sponge head and a mop attachment to secure a streak-free finish.

Key Details – Weight: 1.1 kg Length: 1.23 m – 3 m; Additional attachments: yes

Buy now from Robert Dias

3. OXO Good Grips All-Purpose Squeegee: The best handy window cleaning tool

price: 8 pounds | Buy now from Amazon

For budget or clutter reasons, you may not want to invest in a complete arsenal of window cleaning tools. However, if you want your windows to look shiny and clear, one item always worth buying is a good quality squeegee. The OXO all-purpose squeegee is very affordable and comes in a range of shapes including a mini version and a squeegee blade version.

The all-purpose squeegee is ideal for shower doors and bathroom countertops, as well as glass doors and windows. It has a wide, flexible blade, is lightweight and as the name suggests, it has a well-shaped handle and is easy to grip. It is also easy to organize, as it comes with a suction hook for easy storage. With this on hand, all you need to achieve stark clean windows is a good quality rag or sponge and some window cleaner – check out our collection of the best window cleaners for some good options.

Key Details – Weight: 114 grams blade width: 25.5 cm; Additional attachments: no

4. Dupray Neat Multi-Purpose Steam Cleaner: The best multi-purpose window cleaner

price: £160 | Buy now from Amazon

While it may not be worthwhile to invest in a steam cleaner just to tackle your windows, there is a lot of value in an all-purpose steam cleaner, suitable for different areas around the house. This Dupray model is remarkably lightweight and compact for a steam cleaner, weighing just 4kg, with a carrying handle and sturdy wheels that make it easy to transport quickly. Its portability, combined with its 1.6L capacity, which should save you up to 50 minutes of cleaning time, allows you to combine tasks and efficiently clean windows and floors with one device.

Dupray Neat cleans and disinfects with low-humidity, ultra-heat (135°C) steam to rinse away dirt and grime, as well as kill viruses, mold and more. The device also comes with a large selection of cloths, brushes, and cleaning accessories for cleaning grout tiles, car interiors, kitchen utensils and most importantly windows. Users were especially satisfied with the device’s ability to clean glass surfaces.

If you’re interested in buying an all-purpose steam cleaner, be sure to check out our full roundup of the best steam cleaners.

Key Details – Weight: 4 kg; capacity: 1.6 liters; Dimensions: 26.67cm x 26.67cm x 49.53cm; Additional attachments: yes

5. NUOE Microfiber Cloth Set: The best glass cleaning cloth

price: 5 pounds | Buy now from Amazon

The cheapest and simplest way to get cleaner, clearer windows is to purchase some high-quality microfiber cloth. Microfiber cloths are suitable for cleaning glass because they are soft enough not to leave scratches or marks, while they contain enough microfibers to polish, clean and pick up every speck of dust. Moreover, it also works in cleaning shiny faucets and shower heads, as well as cleaning public bathroom and kitchen surfaces.

We especially love these cloths because they are absorbent and a good size for cleaning large areas of surfaces, as well as being reusable and long-lasting. Moreover, each package comes with fabrics in 4 random colors, perfect if you want more excitement in your life

Basic Details – Quantity: 4pk measuring: 30cm x 40cm; Matter: microscopic. Additional attachments: no

6. Mr. Sega Window Cleaning Kit: Best Window Cleaning Kit

price: £40 | Buy now from Amazon

If you’re totally starting from scratch with your cleaning tools or just the kind of person who likes to be fully prepared before taking on a task, then a window cleaning kit might be the right buy for you.

This window cleaning kit comes from Mr. Siga with everything you need to handle windows and glass surfaces of any kind. Includes a wide, flexible silicone squeegee; microfiber brush 30 cm wide; bristle brush with detachable brush; Spray bottle with adjustable nozzle for spraying and mist and two microfiber pieces for general cleaning and precision job. Finally, it all comes with a handy plastic case that can be used for storage or to hold up to 15 liters of water while cleaning.

Key Details – Weight: 1.9 kg; blade width: 30 cm; Additional Attachments: yes

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