Apple Watch Series 8 leak claims stunning new design is coming

The next Apple Watch is expected later this year, and a new leak, from an increasingly trusted Apple commentator shrimp, suggests that the next model will have a radically different design. The thing is, there’s just something strangely familiar about the new look. That’s not because it features the sloping sides and flat screen we know from the iPhone 12, 13, iPad Pro, mini, and Air.

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No, that’s because a number of key analysts were predicting that this exact new design would arrive last year instead. Though, to be fair, that’s not what ShrimpApplePro He said last year When wary of rumors of a flat-glass Series 7 watch, they instead suggested it would be the same shape as the Series 6 but with thinner bezels, a thicker housing and a long rail-style speaker hole, and it all happened.

This time, the guide says, “I heard from the source today that there is a flat front glass screen for the Apple Watch screen. There is a good chance that this is the front glass of the Apple Watch Series 8. I haven’t heard anything about how the case is being redesigned nor any model yet .”

They also expect that the new design will be ready for mass production “relatively soon, possibly at the same time as the front glass of the iPhone 14s”. By the way, the iPhone 14s seems to mean the iPhone 14 series rather than the S model of the iPhone 14.

All this is exciting, if true. The leak comes with the comment “I’m absolutely sure of this”.

So, how likely is that? I would say it depends.

Apple introduced a new design last year. A new design has never run on the Watch for only one year, and I don’t 100% expect it to do so now. So, I’m going to stick to my neck and say that last year’s Series 7 will be used again on this year’s Apple Watch. But I do not rule out the new rumor.

This is because there are ongoing reports of multiple versions of the Apple Watch this fall. New Apple Watch SE and a brand new watch built for the sporty genre. So, it’s possible that the new design will be used for one of those. That’s what I think is going to happen, though, as ShrimpApplePro said last year, “Take this with an MSG pill.”

I think the new Apple Watch SE will keep the current design but have a new processor inside. The price will drop and replace the Apple Watch Series 3 as an entry-level model, with the Series 3 retiring.

The Apple Watch Series 8 will look identical in shape and size to the current Apple Watch Series 7, though the color range is different and with a new processor and additional sensors.

Finally, the expected new design, if it does appear, will be for a completely new watch, most likely the powerful watch that has been hinted at. After all, Apple made it clear that the iPhone 12 was tougher against falls than the iPhone 11, not just because of the new Ceramic Shield but because the flat-edged design was intrinsically tougher. So, the same could apply to a watch, right.

There’s a strong possibility that the new watch’s design is reserved for the rugged Watch model, says Jon Prosser of Front Page Tech, who is featured alongside RendersbyIan in this post. If so, my suspicion is that the color gamut will be subdued, space gray and silver more than the brighter colors.

I’ll be reporting any further changes as they come out so please check back, but it already looks like 2022 will be a very big year for the Apple Watch.

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