Gurj Gill is the lead actor in the movie 'Bluff' on Amazon Prime Video, and is also owner, manager and chef at his Pizza restaurant, Bunchi.

Wolverhampton Pizza Owner Turns Actor In A Movie On Amazon Prime

Gurj Gill is the lead actor in Bluff on Amazon Prime Video, and he’s also the owner, manager, and chef of his own pizzeria, Bunchi.

Husband and daughter, Gurj Gill, 29, is the owner of Bunchi Restaurant, in Ranelagh Road, Blakenhall.

His movie, Bluff, is currently available to watch on Amazon’s streaming service.

Gerge stars in the movie who faced many obstacles to get off the ground.

With no budget for the film, Covid restrictions, and writer Sheikh Shahnawaz working as director, producer and camera operator, this low-budget movie exceeded all expectations to make its way to one of the biggest streaming services.

Gurj Gill is the lead actor in Bluff on Amazon Prime Video, and he’s also the owner, manager, and chef of his own pizzeria, Bunchi.

Gerge said: “I would say the way the project was set up, the lack of budget, the limitations of Covid – combining all of that, we have produced an exceptional film.

“The quality of the film itself doesn’t look as if it was shot under all those conditions.”

Gurj currently works at his company, Bunchi, a pizzeria, where he feels he performs daily for his clients.

He said, “Technically, I’m kind of an all-time actor hired by Bunchy. I act all the time and perform all the time the way I greet and interact with clients.

“Representation for me is an expression. I try to create a business myself, as with my business, Bunchi, I try to be a front for that and show products and do presentations.”

Upon getting the main role in the film, the “acting process” was not the norm for Gurj, as he met the creator via an online game, League of Legends.

He said, “I was playing a game called League of Legends and there I met someone online. I asked him what he does, and he told me he makes movies, and I told him I study acting too.

“From there he told me he had an idea for a short film and he would like me to give it a try, and then from that short film, the result and response he got from other actors was that I was a normal person in front of the camera and I came across the interrogator.

“Then, shortly after, he called me and said he wrote a movie and he felt I was perfect for the role in the movie. He gave me some books, and after reading them, we talked and told me I would be a perfect fit, so there was no audition process for the role, but I feel like the short movie I’m directing It was a kind of casting process.

“So the short film process was kind of my audition process with the director.”

deception movie poster

On IMDB (Internet Movie Database), Bluff currently has a rating of 8.7 out of 10, and with over 2,000 reviews, it has proven to be a hit, but Gurj says he’s not looking at the reaction.

He said, “Honestly, I’m completely clueless about the situation. I only think of it as an expression. So if someone asks me how I feel, it’s like I’m enjoying it.”

“Friends and even customers who come into the store have been positive and get to know me through it. But I’ve been neutral about the whole thing. As if I saw a poster of myself, I’m just like ‘Wow, that’s me’ and then move on.”

The film was shot in Birmingham and then entered at film festivals but after being unsuccessful, the creator of the project approached a potential buyer and placed it on Amazon Prime Video as a test run to gauge the reaction it was receiving.

Gurj takes pleasure in performing in his daily life at his pizzeria and aims to combine his acting and business skills to bring them together.

He said, “We live in a wonderful multicultural community now, and that’s what Ponchi is all about, bringing everyone together. No one separates, and that’s what I want in the future to represent my business and convey my ideas.”

“I think I act full time in my day to day life, but I tend not to look for roles. Instead, I see what comes my way as I look to create careers myself for acting.

“As a husband and father, I receive the support of my family, and I hope to keep working, be the face of Ponchi and see what the future holds for the roles.”

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