Three UNCSA-related films won awards at Longleaf Film Festival

Nine short films from UNCSA – “Adrift”, “CAIN”, “Good Boy Cerberus”, “Deepwater Sponger”, “Her Skin”, “Jazmin”, “Mundance”, “Tiger Blanket” and “You Know His Name” – In addition, one alumni film, “Landlocked” and a short, “Free Order,” screened May 13-14 at the North Carolina Museum of History as part of the Longleaf Film Festival.

On the night of Saturday, May 14, three UNCSA-related films won the festival’s top awards:

  • “Good Boy Cerberus” has won 2022 Animated Film / Best Overall Award. Producer Bobby Magoo was there to receive the award on behalf of the “Good Boy Cerberus” team.
  • “CAIN” has won 2022 Web Pilot / Best Overall Award. Producer Brie Nyak accepted the tribute via a pre-recorded video.
  • Alumni movie “landlocked” has won 2022 Award for Feature Fiction/Best Drama. Graduate writer/director Tim Hall accepted the honor via pre-recorded video.

about movies

“CAIN” is written by Rachel Holshult, Castelen Blasengel and Michael Culbertson, directed by Alyssa Hodges and Raunak Kapoor, produced by Pritam Nyak, Jay Russell, Garrett Speck, Yunzi Wang and Alex Linas-Jones, with cinematography produced by Conor Murdock. Designed by Yunzi Wang, Garrett Spike, Jay Russell and Alex Lynas Jones, and edited by Graham Swanson with music by Ming Tong Lee.

“Good Boy Cerberus”
“Good Boy Cerberus” by Kam Szeliga, Vale Stanley and MK Singleton; Directed by MK Singleton; Produced by Emily Gallinger and Robert Magoo; Edited and Designed by Jacob Boyle and Trevor Stevens; Lizzie’s music is; and lead animation by MK Singleton, Kam Szeliga, and Vale Stanley.

‘Landlocked’ written by Jonathan Foster (BFA Filmmaking ’03) and Tim Hall (BFA Filmmaking ’11), from The Story of Hole, directed by Hall, Produced by Leslie Hall, Tim Hall, Daniel Hansen (BFA Filmmaking ’11), Alexander Sablo (BFA Filmmaking) ’09), with cinematography by Sablo, editing by Daniel Hansen and Kevin Tudge (BFA Filmmaking ’09), music by Son of Cloud, costume design by Karen Freed, featuring Dustin Gooch (BFA Filmmaking ’09) in the cast. Purvis Jordan (BFA Filmmaking ’09) served as executive producer and Tiffany Luard (BFA Filmmaking ’08) was co-producer.

“At adrift”
“Adrift” is written and directed by Brian Stork. Produced by Andrew Kemmers; with cinematography by Lam Huynh; Production design by Shelby Grzech; Editing by Nigel Scott; sound design by Olivia Moore and Nigel Scott; Supervising Visual Effects by Sarah Loveland; music by William Church; Costume design: Andrew J. Senn; Hair and makeup design by Camryn Maiorana.

“deep water sponge”
Deep Water Sponge is written and directed by Conor Ryan. Produced by Dillon Dipetro; cinematography by Katie Mellick; Production design: Emily Coleman; Editing by Jack Hansen. sound design by Nigel Scott and Olivia Moore; Supervising the visual effects, Mark Jubourian. special effects supervision by Lucas Sanders; music by Noland Fanoy; Sarah Loveland fashion design; Hair and makeup design by Amelia Brown.

“Free order”
He has written, directed, produced and edited ‘Free Order’ by Brian Sheehan (BFA Filmmaking ’19).

“her skin”
“Her Skin” was written and directed by Cameron Parker, produced by Cherize Honoré and Maya Pena Scherr, with cinematography by Andrew Parkerton, production design by Alejandro Lucas Fritz, editing by Maria Manning, and music by Nathan Shanahan.

Jasmine is written and directed by Joe Hatcher. Produced by Julia Walpole and Katherine Chapman; cinematography by Asia Jones; Production design by Grant West; Editing by Natalie Henderson; sound design by Zachary Smith; Animation director Nicole Crawford. music by Calvin Evans Jr. and Tyler Howes; Fashion design by Rachel Anderson; Hair and makeup design by JoAnn Battat.

“Mundance” by Aiden Winter-Deely; directed by Abby Davenport and Aiden Winter Daily; Produced by Nick Bailey; with animators Aiden Winter-Daily, Abby Davenport, V Dellion, Casey Lewis, Melissa Rucker; Edited by Lauren-Ellen Adair; Sound by Abby Meaux and music by Tyler Hawes.

“tiger blanket”
“Tiger Blanket” directed by Caro Knight. Written by Ashley Miller and Robert Magoo; Produced by Julia Lofton Walpole, Robert Magoo; animators Madison Crisp, Bo Shell and Victoria Sosa; cinematography by Willow Longbrake; Production design by Abel Brone-Hammer; Edited by Isaac Balachandran. Sound design by Shannon Rose Kelly; Music by Alexandra Franco Zorro.

“You know his name”
“You Know His Name” written by Desiree Wiens and Clark Phillips; Directed by Phillips. Produced by Robert Magoo; with cinematography by Ben Trevi; Production design Ben Ter Haar; Edited by Isabel Rodriguez; Sound design by Vasiliki Omirly; Music by Michael McKeithin Jr. Fashion design by Sarah Sims.

Contact: Kate Miller

May 17 2022

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