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The new Apple TV (2022) release date, price, and feature rumors

Apple TV is an impressive media streaming box with access to a wide range of apps and streaming services along with premium features like AirPlay 2 and advanced EDID capabilities, but with premium features comes a premium price. This is a small problem for Apple, given that most of the competition costs a fraction of Apple’s streaming device.

However, rumors suggest that Apple is working on a new and affordable Apple TV behind closed doors and it could launch sooner than you think.

The main source of information about the new Apple TV is none other than Ming-Chi Kuo, a famous Apple analyst who recently created Twitter to share his thoughts on upcoming product releases.

While he is not Always In terms of money, Kuo has a fairly solid track record when it comes to Apple releases, with AppleTrack giving an accuracy score of 72.5% at the time of writing.

With that in mind, here’s everything there is to know about the new, less expensive Apple TV that is rumored to be released later this year.

When will the new Apple TV (2022) be released?

According to Ming Chi Kuo in a May 2022 TweetApple plans to “release a new version of the Apple TV” sometime in 2H22, or the second half of 2022. That means the new product could be launched anytime between July and the end of this year – although Apple doesn’t tend to release devices New in the summer months.

Most likely, the new hardware will be revealed in the fall, as was the case with previous Apple TV releases. The Apple TV HD was released in October 2015, while the first Apple TV 4K was released in September 2017.

Admittedly, the May 2021 release of the second-generation Apple TV 4K spoils that schedule somewhat, but given rumors that an entry-level model might be updated, the fall model still fits.

With that in mind, we expect to see the release of the new Apple TV sometime this fallmost likely in September or October.

How much does the new Apple TV (2022) cost?

While it’s unknown exactly how much the new Apple TV will cost, Kuo suggests that the new model will “improve the cost structure” when it comes out later this year — considering the cost of the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K compared to the competition is also time. .

At the moment, you can choose from three models of Apple TV. I’ve got an entry-level Apple TV HD of £139 / $149 and two models of Apple TV 4K, 32GB and 64GB, costing £169 / $179 and £189 / $199 respectively.

Although there aren’t many competitors to the Apple TV 4K and its high-end home theater standards, complete with advanced EDID capabilities, and support for a wide range of codecs and formats – apart from the Nvidia Shield, – there’s plenty of 1080p streaming on the market, and neither None of these cost anywhere close to Apple TV HD.

Yes, the entry level model also supports a wide range of codecs and Apple’s impressive EDID, but that won’t make much difference for budget-focused buyers who just want their favorite on-demand streaming services.

And for that, there are plenty of 1080p streaming devices on the market including the £39/$39 Amazon Fire TV Stick, £29/$29 Fire TV Stick Lite and £29/$29 Roku Express. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find a 1080p streaming device at £99/$99, which makes the Apple TV HD even more difficult.

With that in mind, if Apple really wants to improve its cost structure and get more people signed up for the various subscription services that support the Apple TV, it’s going to have to cut the price significantly, probably below the $99/99 mark. , but this is now uncertain.

We’ll update this section with more details as we hear more.

What to expect from the next Apple TV

Although Kuo has provided us with insight into when to expect the new Apple TV, and its cheaper focus, the analyst has yet to provide any solid details on what it might actually offer.

It’s safe to assume that it will offer the same basic Apple TV experience as recent models, with support for tvOS and the suite of TV-compatible apps including the most popular streaming services.

After all, Kuo suggests that Apple’s strategy is to integrate “devices, content, and service while stagnating” and access to apps like Apple Music, Apple Arcade and Apple Fitness on the platform will be key.

Those hoping for an affordable 4K model may not be so lucky; We can’t imagine it will switch to 4K and risk spoiling your Apple TV 4K, which suggests that like the current HD model, it will be set at 1080p.

We imagine we’ll hear a lot more about the new, affordable Apple TV over the coming months, and we’ll be sure to update this section with any new rumors and leaks as they emerge.

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