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monastery. Clement the Virgin
The award-winning Ontario filmmaker’s latest film, Virgo, is adapted from David Chariandy’s 2017 novel of the same name and stars Aaron Pierre and Lamar Johnson as parents of Caribbean immigrants. Young people mature against the backdrop of the 1990s Toronto hip-hop scene, as rising tensions lead to a life-changing event. Producers are Damon de Oliveira, Sonia Di Renzo and Aeschylus Paulos for Conquering Lion Pictures and Hawkeye Pictures. The first feature of the Virgin effrontery It was first shown at the Un Certain Regard Festival in Cannes in 1995 and among his other works I like to go down And lie with me. He was nominated for a Peabody Award for his 2015 miniseries nigger book.
Contact: Bronn studios

Noemie says yes

monastery. Genevieve Albert
The first feature film by a Quebec writer/director Albert Noemie says yes (Noemie Dit OuiA French language drama about a 15-year-old girl who escapes from the youth house her mother left in her and joins a gang of delinquents. Noemi falls in love with a brilliant pimp who manipulates talented people, and although he doesn’t like it at first, he eventually agrees to prostitution himself. The film, produced by Patricia Bergeron for Leitmotiv Films in Montreal, was recently released in cinemas in Quebec by K Films Amerique. Albert began her film career in documentaries and sound recordings before directing short films including La Traverse Duo salonAnd Pancakes and kisses And eroticism.
Contact: K-Films America


monastery. Kirsten Carthio
Carthio’s second feature as writer/director is a dystopian fantasy thriller set against the backdrop of a sub-arctic wasteland and shot in the remote Canadian Yukon. The film centers on a human child raised by a polar bear, her unexpected friend and the couple’s attempt to escape from a group of vengeful poachers. Carthew, Max Fraser, Paul Cadiux and Alyson Richards produce for Little Dipper Films, Megafun Productions and The Nightingale Company. Carthio has worked on a number of international co-productions and made her debut in 2017 with The sun at midnightwhich won a Jury Prize at the Bentonville Film Festival and two Leo Awards in British Columbia.


monastery. Joseph Aminta
Toronto-based sex director Amenta’s first feature is a drama that follows three gay teen friends who live in the lower reaches of Toronto as they enjoy the freedom of their summer vacation. The movie (originally known as tribe) is produced by Alexandra Roberts and Danny Sidor for Push Pictures in Ontario. Amenta has previously made a series of short films in subcultures of the LGBTQ+ community, which were shown at international festivals – among them the entry at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival house It was broadcast in Canada, Europe and Africa.
Contact: Alexandra Roberts, Push Pictures

Riceboy sleeps

monastery. Anthony Shim
In his second film, British Columbia-based writer/director Shim tells the semi-autobiographical story of a single Korean mother who faces racial and cultural challenges while raising a teenage son in suburban Canada in the 1990s. When a mother is diagnosed with terminal cancer, she and her son return to South Korea to reconnect with their roots and reconcile a tragic past. Shim, Rebecca Steele and Bryan Demore produce for Lonesome Heroes Production in Vancouver. Shim, who himself immigrated from South Korea with his family, has written, directed and produced the 2019 drama girlIt was shown at the Vancouver and Sao Paulo Film Festivals.
Contact: Sphere Media / Wasabi Films


monastery. Pierre Philippe Chevigny
Co-production between Canada and France Richelieu, Quebec’s first writer/director film Cheveney, focuses on a young woman who works as a translator in a tin can factory and takes a stand against a factory boss to defend the factory’s Guatemalan workers from abuse. Produced by Genevieve Jocelyn Gee for her Montreal-based filmmaker Le Foyer, the project has been developed at the 2020 Berlinale Talent Project Market and Toronto Filmmaker Lab. Chevigny is known for contemporary social and political stories including short stories Tala And the rebelwhich has been shown at international festivals and sold to Arte, HBO Europe, TV5 Unis and CBC.
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