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Scott Schumann, Head of Acquisitions at IFC Films, is a Cannes Film Festival veteran.

Before celebrating the festival’s 75th anniversary, discuss his experiences in the Croisette in the past, what he enjoys in Cannes, and also what part of working life in the city he could live without.

What did you miss the most in Cannes?

After the stunning movie screens, the electricity on the Croisette is unparalleled in the movie. You’re walking down the street, and all these people have taken off their ties, women are in high heels, and there’s electricity when this movie is just incredible plays. Whether you’re in the movie or not, there’s a buzz. 1,300 people come out and look at each other, realizing they have seen one of those movies that energizes your belief in the movie.

What restaurant or bar did you miss?

No Cave because of the memories of the directors’ dinner.

Is there a particular store you missed?

The toy store behind The Majestic is my kids’ favorite store. I see all my other executive friends shopping for their kids there too. They have a great selection.

Last year, he was in Cannes in July. This year, back to May. Which preference?

Cannes sometimes depends on the weather. Therefore, it does not matter, as long as it is not too hot and not too rainy.

What did you not miss in Cannes?

Trying to get from The Majestic to The Martinez on Sunday at 3:00 p.m. in an eight-minute meeting. I also don’t miss that 6:00 AM smashing all the bottles, no matter where your apartment is. It happens every morning when hotels and bars drop bottles of wine and beer the evening before. It’s like an alarm clock.

Will you miss out on Zoom meetings or are they here to stay?

I think they’re here to stay, but I wouldn’t miss them. I like eye contact and not stare into the abyss. For sales people, it should be much more efficient to have someone in a room where you know if they like or hate something.

Best deal in Cannes?

Doner Kebab Behind Grand Hotel.

biggest mistake?

It’s another thing I didn’t miss in Cannes: to always have in my wardrobe a little black tie every year. Faux bass will forget about the little black tie.

The strangest request you received in Cannes?

Several years ago, as a film student, I was an intern at the American Pavilion. I had one of my best internships, I was working in the advertising department of a big little studio. And the strangest request was that I walk a table full of talents from dinner to the palace, and they had three tickets for eight and [my bosses] He told me to find out. Among them were John Singleton, Spike Lee, Giancarlo Esposito …

Oh no. How did you do that?

I kept going next to the guard and kept saying, “They belong there.” I didn’t speak French. I kept standing up and blocking people and letting them down, and the guard kept trying to stop me. I kept waving at them. It teaches you how to approach a film festival, which is the secret to acting as if you’ve been there before, like any starring.

Your “only in Cannes” moment?

I was sitting in a cafe after the movie Paris, J. Taimi, and We were talking about the movie. And [a man] The table next to me said, “How is this movie?” It was a set of shorts, and I was like, “They were good. This was good, and this was not.” And he said, “How was that?” And I realized I was talking to the director of that short story. We were sitting very close to this restaurant, and you know when you sit so close you can’t go back far enough to see if you recognize someone. I was thinking, “Do I know this person? I think I do.” It was Alexander Payne. I actually liked his short story.

The biggest disadvantage?

Sales agents who do not respect the “thirties”. [The 30-minute meeting.] And the other thing is when they decide to stop letting people sort for French Guard reasons, without all of us knowing. You never know, and they don’t tell you, they just say this room is closed now.

Was I guilty?

Eat pizza at least once a day mercilessly.

One thing you won’t travel without, besides your phone?

Pair of practice speakers. When I get up early for those first few days there – I don’t run – but I will go for a run there. I’ll go to the gym and see the responsible sales agents who don’t drink and go to the gym early in the morning.

Meet the most interesting celebrity?

I got invited with some friends to watch a concert on the beach. [We were] He said it was very exclusive. There are not many people there due to the proper size of the space in which it is located. At this tented beach concert, we see a notorious rapper currently performing on what we now know to be a show funded by stolen money from Malaysian people (of course, we had no idea at the time.) The room wasn’t crowded, so we had to walk to Front row and we dance our faces. While the main area wasn’t crowded, if you look at the back of the stage there was this little taut little velvet area where it seemed like every celebrity in town was crammed into this little 10×10 area. So instead of getting a better view in Uncrowded dance floor, all the celebrities crowded into this area, which was very crowded and had a terrible view, while everyone was spreading out and having fun.

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