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The producer behind the films Stefan Komandarev tells us about his current projects before her participation in Producers on the Move.

Bulgarian product Katya Treshkova She founded her company Contrast Films in 2013 and has since produced three features by Stefan Komandarev Documentary film maker Svetoslav DraganovFor the first time in fiction Modest [+see also:
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. It also collaborated with HBO Europe in Petya Nakovadocumentary silent legacy. Trichkova, who was selected for EFP’s Producers on the Move 2022, tells us about her current projects and the situation in Bulgarian cinema.

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Cineuropa: You work in fiction and documentaries. What attracts you to a project and how do you choose it?
Katya Tereshkova: It’s pretty simple: the story comes first, if it’s something I care about or move emotionally, the professional and personal qualities of the director, as I’m going to spend a lot of time with them over several years. I am interested in stories that examine relationships and human behavior and how a particular event or decision can affect one’s life.

Can you tell us a little bit about the projects you’re currently working on?
The list of my company currently includes several projects in various stages of development and production. One of them is maneuver The fourth feature, written by Konstantin Buyanov, which we finance with. It’s an art theft thriller with elements of action aimed at a broader audience that balances plot and complex character development. The film centers around a young, criminal-minded woman who prepares a plan to rob an art museum. However, she soon finds herself caught between her desire to make money from the bounty and her deep feelings for her lover, whom the police unjustly accuse of being part of the theft. The project is unique to the Bulgarian film industry in its scope, artistic qualities, and the possibility of wide international distribution.

Melina AndonovaThe third movie Kirill’s luck, In development, it follows a humble man who finds himself in a paradoxical struggle between the 6 million euros that gave him that opportunity, everyone’s thoughts on what his life should look like from now on and his true need for intimacy, understanding and love.

dad’s shoes The debut of the talented young director Hristo Semyonovin his own way raises social and psychological issues about the loss of trust in family relationships and the inability to forgive (the project in finance).

Also in finance, in her first documentary There is no way to say goodbye, Plamina Slavcheva She takes a journey to rebuild her life in Bulgaria after her father’s sudden death in a car accident. Her attempts to find out the truth about the collapse failed, but it led her to discover just how broken the local health care and legal systems were.

I am also a co-producer of Adrien Voiko‘s Sammy arrested produced by Marcian Lazar From the Roman Axel Film Echipamente, which is in post-production.

Besides films under the umbrella of Contrast Films, I also provide services as an independent producer to other Bulgarian companies, and as such I am working on two films by Stefan Komandarev: Blaga lessons (In post-production, we finished filming in the second half of April) and Made in the European Union (in development, to be presented in this year’s edition of Cannes L’Atelier), Bloc by Victor Chuchkov (under development) and Sencha and Franz, Documentary by Svetoslav Draganov (Currently filming).

What do you think of the potential of Bulgarian cinema?
I think it’s promising and I expect something really good to happen soon. After Covid-19, we also faced a huge challenge in 2021, where due to legal reform of the film industry and related administrative changes, the Bulgarian National Film Center was not actually able to fully function. Now we have a new CEO, Peter Todorov, who brings a lot of energy, experience and dedication to make things happen and modernize the organization. As a result, in the first call for applications, a record number of fantasy films were submitted (over 120 in different categories) and I am optimistic that we can expect exciting and powerful Bulgarian films in the next few years.

What do you expect from your participation in the Mobile Producers?
I expect new partnerships, new friends, an intense exchange of ideas, experience, lots of inspiration, fun, sun and (some) wine.

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