iOS 15.5 – Apple releases massive security update to warn iPhone and iPad

About two months ago, Apple released iOS 15.4 which addressed 39 massive security issues for millions of iPhone users. There is now another huge security update in the form of iOS 15.5 which really needs to be installed ASAP.

What should be, saving any emergency security updates, the last iteration of iOS 15 prior to the release of iOS 16, has now arrived. David Phelan explains the functionality improvements to Apple Cash, Apple Podcasts, and Apple Messages in this article. Security is the best I have, however, and since that’s the reason I switched from an Android device to an iPhone two years ago, here’s what 15.5 brings to the smartphone security party and why you should update now.

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The massive security update for iOS 15.5 in detail

This important iOS update comes with fixes for about 34 vulnerabilities, covering the full range of exploit opportunities from executing arbitrary code with kernel or system privileges, to bypassing protection restrictions, denial of service, and privilege elevation.

Like Google with Chrome updates, Apple does not disclose security issues in full technical details until an update is available and the majority of users have had the opportunity to install this. However, some of the influences that must be exploited by a threatening actor, Apple has confirmed, include:

  • Executing arbitrary code by processing an extreme image
  • Processing “significant input” may result in a denial of service
  • Tracking users in private browsing mode in Safari by malicious website
  • Accessing photos from the lock screen (requires physical access)
  • Code execution by manipulating malicious web content

The full list of CVE references is as follows:

  1. CVE-2015-4142
  2. CVE-2022-22673
  3. CVE-2022-22677
  4. CVE-2022-23308
  5. CVE-2022-26700
  6. CVE-2022-26701
  7. CVE-2022-26702
  8. CVE-2022-26703
  9. CVE-2022-26706
  10. CVE-2022-26709
  11. CVE-2022-26710
  12. CVE-2022-26711
  13. CVE-2022-26714
  14. CVE-2022-26716
  15. CVE-2022-26717
  16. CVE-2022-26719
  17. CVE-2022-26731
  18. CVE-2022-26736
  19. CVE-2022-26737
  20. CVE-2022-26738
  21. CVE-2022-26739
  22. CVE-2022-26740
  23. CVE-2022-26744
  24. CVE-2022-26745
  25. CVE-2022-26751
  26. CVE-2022-26757
  27. CVE-2022-26760
  28. CVE-2022-26762
  29. CVE-2022-26763
  30. CVE-2022-26764
  31. CVE-2022-26765
  32. CVE-2022-26766
  33. CVE-2022-26768
  34. CVE-2022-26771

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Don’t delay, update to iOS 15.5 today

While none of the vulnerabilities patched by the iOS 15.5 update are of the zero-day type, and none are known to have been exploited by threat actors at this point, that’s no excuse for complacency. Now that the fixes are out, it’s like a race against time as those who might hurt you look for ways to exploit these weaknesses. Most security issues have consequences severe enough that updating your iPhone should be a no-brainer. As Kate O’Flaherty of Forbes Straight Talking Cyber ​​(STC) said in the video at the top of this article, often the benefits of locking your smartphone outweigh the risks of having a malfunction. Of course, your use case may mean that deferring an update is the preferred option, but for the vast majority of users, the “Don’t delay, update today” advice stays true. Making sure your device is backed up to iCloud or your computer is recommended before starting any update, of course.

Update your iPhone: step by step

First of all, STC recommends setting your iPhone to update automatically. You can do this by heading to Settings | general | Software update | Automatic updates Your iPhone should then refresh overnight as long as it’s charging and connected to Wi-Fi.

Regardless of the automatic update status, unless you get a notification telling you that your iPhone has already updated to 15.5, it is recommended that you check and force the problem.

head for Settings | general | upgrade software And start the process.

You will see a download status progress bar followed by Update Preparation. Be warned, this may take a while, so don’t panic, just wait for it to finish.

Your iPhone will restart, eventually. On my iPhone 13 Pro connected to gigabit broadband, it took about 15 minutes to complete the iOS 15.5 update. Once your device restarts, you will see the above confirmation on the lock screen, which means your device is up to date with security fixes.

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