photo illustration of a phone with the android auto icon on it.

How to update Android Auto manually

Android Auto can be very useful for many things. Whether you use it for Google Maps navigation or hands-free messaging, it helps keep your eyes and focus where they need to be while you’re driving: on the road. However, Google can be a little stingy with updates. So, if there is a new version of Android Auto with a must-have feature, here’s how to update it manually!

You will need the latest Android Auto APK file

Close-up of the Android Auto reading code on the car’s display. | Smith Group / Gado / Getty Images

The nice thing about the Android Auto update is that it doesn’t require any physical interaction with your car or its infotainment system. It’s all handled on your Android phone! According to Autoevolution, the first step to manually update Android Auto is to get the latest version of the APK file.

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