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How to Reinstall Windows 11 PC 2022 Tip

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Check How to Reinstall Windows 11 PC

Reinstalling the operating system takes time and requires adjusting many settings to suit your computer. However, reinstalling is a good idea if you’re having issues with your computer, if you’re most likely to give up your computer, or maybe you want to get rid of viruses and malware that made your computer your favorite. a house. . If you have never reinstalled Windows before, your confusion is very real.

Since there are several ways to reinstall Windows, choosing the one that works best for you can be a daunting process. However, we have listed almost all the reinstalls of the operating system and you can choose the one you like the most. So in this article we will teach you how to reinstall Windows 11.

How to reinstall a Windows 11 PC

Download the Windows 11 ISO file for reinstallation

Some of you may ask how to reinstall Windows 11 without CD or how to reinstall Windows 11 from USB. The answer to this question is to use a Windows 11 ISO file to install the Windows operating system. This is a simple process that gives you the option to keep your personal files and settings when you reinstall Windows.

  • Before installation, you need to mount the ISO file on your computer system. To do this, go to Local Storage to find the Windows 11 ISO file and right-click to choose Mount from the context menu.
  • Double-click the installed drive to open it, and double-click the setup.exe file to run Windows 11 setup.
  • A window appears and you have to click Next to continue.
  • This setup app will run and setup something.
  • Read the Microsoft Software License Terms and click Accept to continue.
  • A popup appears asking you to choose what you want to keep.
  • Windows 11 Setup will check for updates. This will take a few minutes and you will have to wait patiently.
  • After everything is ready, the following window will appear. If you want to change the type of files you want to keep, click Change what you want to keep. To reinstall Windows 11, click the “Install” button.

Reinstall Windows 11 by resetting your PC

In Windows 11, Microsoft allows you to restart your computer if it is not working properly. This may allow you to keep or delete your personal files and then reinstall Windows. How to reset Windows 11? In this part, we will show you two options.

Reinstall Windows 11 from Settings:

If your system can boot normally and you can restart your PC via Settings to install Windows. This is what you should do.

  • Open Windows 11 Settings by pressing the Win and I keys on your keyboard.
  • Go to the System page, click on Recovery and scroll down to find the recovery options.
  • Click the Reset PC button in the Reset this PC section.
  • A window appears asking you to choose an option to continue.
  • The following popup will appear asking you to select if you want to install Windows 11 via the cloud or locally. Select one based on your needs.
  • You can see the current settings for Resetting PC in the new window. Click Next to continue.
  • Windows lists the things a restart will do. Simply click on the Reset button to start the reinstallation process. This will take a few minutes and you will have to wait patiently.

Keep my files: This may remove apps and settings, but leaves personal files on your computer. Delete everything: This can delete all your apps, settings, and personal files. To reinstall Windows 11 without losing data, you need to select the first option. To perform a clean install of Windows 11, select the second option.

Reinstall Windows 11 from recovery mode:

What if your computer can’t boot normally? How to factory reset and reinstall Windows 11? The process is not difficult.

  • Boot your PC into Windows Recovery Environment (WinRE) via repair disc or force restart (multiple times).
  • Go to Troubleshoot > Reset this PC.
  • Choose to keep personal files and update Windows settings and apps, or delete everything.
  • Select installation method: cloud download or local reinstall.
  • Complete the restart process by following the wizards on your computer screen.

Clean install of Windows 11

This requires a USB or CD/DVD to be installed. A clean install of Windows will remove your personal files, settings, and applications. To reinstall Windows 11 without losing data, you need to create a backup beforehand. Just follow the instructions in the first part. Then proceed to reinstall the system.

  • Prepare a Windows 11 ISO file

Go find Windows 11 ISO file on Google and download one. Now that Windows 11 is officially launched, you can go to the Microsoft website to download the ISO file.

  • Burn the ISO file to a USB drive or CD
    • Double-click the installer to start Rufus.
    • Connect the USB drive to a working computer. Then choose the Windows 11 ISO file, make some settings and click START to create a bootable Windows 11 USB flash drive.
  • Reinstall Windows 11 from USB
    • Connect the bootable USB drive to your Windows 11 computer.
    • Restart the computer and press a specific boot key in the BIOS menu.
    • Set Boot Priority: Set the USB drive as the first boot sequence.
    • Select your language and other preferences, then click Next to continue.
    • Click the Install Now button to continue.
    • Click I don’t have a product key.
    • You must choose a version of your copy of Windows and accept the license. (sometimes this step is not necessary)
    • To reinstall Windows 11, click on the second option: Custom – Install Windows Only (Advanced).
    • Select the drive on which you want to install Windows 11.
    • Windows will start installing on your computer. This may take a few minutes.

After reinstalling Windows 11 and turning on your computer for the first time, you need to configure Windows 11 according to your needs: choose the country / region where you live, choose the keyboard layout or input method, select whether you want to connect to the network, enter an appropriate name for the computer your device, choose how to set up this device with Windows 11 and more.

Final Words: How to Reinstall Windows 11 PC

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