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EGO (2021) [Grimmfest Easter 2022 Review]

Ego (2021)
Directed by: Alfonso Cortes Cavanillas
Written by: Jorge Navarro de Lemos
Casting: Alicia Burraccio, Maria Pedraza, Marianne Alvarez, Paul Monin

EGO (2021)
Directed by Alfonso Cortes Cavanillas
Shown at Grimmfest Easter 2022
Spanish language with English subtitles

Paloma, a young woman, discovers another woman using her picture on a dating app. Deciding to confront the scammer, Paloma is horrified when she discovers that the girl didn’t steal her pictures but rather her lookalike. Although initially fearful of their similarities, she begins to feel some relief from interacting with the other “she” until things begin to take a sinister turn as her husband’s life seeps into her own.

Paloma appears to be a fun-loving girl who has an affinity with the girls of Cyndi Lauper’s Just Want To Have Fun, an upbeat track that will soon take a sinister edge. As we see her scroll through the plethora of women available on a dating profile app, courting Paloma starts a conversation with a few of them before she freezes to the spot when she sees her face staring back at her under the alias Goliadkin. After consulting her best friend George for advice, the rebellious young woman decides to tackle the problem head on, assuming that the person impersonating her is a man trying to hunt catfish. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

When we found out that the other person is a Luma lookalike, I started feeling it broke down Starring Lena Headey but selfishness It goes in a direction of its own. The way in which the relationship between the two is drawn is slowly working to a creeping effect. Paloma’s mixed feelings combined with the viewer’s genuine anxiety and suspiciousness towards the doppelganger, who seems to take a different stance when Paloma is not looking at her directly on screen, leads to a tense situation. However, when the doppelganger appears to be listening to Paloma’s life and even hang out in the same apartment building, the tale takes on a sinister character.

With a history of mental health issues and self-harm, it’s no surprise that Paloma’s mother, Mariago, is concerned about her daughter and believes stories of her being molested are signs that her condition is deteriorating once again. It hurts to watch Paloma desperately try to get her mother to know what she is going through while anxious Mariago tries to support her daughter, fearing what might happen if she gets out of control.

With most of the movie wrapped up in the confines of their apartment, selfishness It presents a claustrophobic environment where every thought, feeling and action is escalated. Pair this with closure and it becomes a boiling pot of feelings where things may not be quite what they seem.

The small cast brilliantly brings life and humanity into the project, especially Maria Pedraza whose task is to bear the weight of the plot in not one but two roles as Paloma and her partner. It’s hard not to be emotionally invested in Paloma’s life as she struggles to manage the horror she’s faced, knowing that no one believes what she’s saying.

With captivating performances and an engaging plot that keeps you on the edge of your seat, selfishness It is a highly connected psychological thriller that explores the chaos of realities we face.

evaluation: ★★★★☆

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