Bitcoin 2022 Bazaar Five Stalls

Bitcoin 2022 has been the home of high-level keywords, ads, and discussions. But the spotlight was on the philosophers, too. Bitcoin Bazaar was the place to go to learn about some of the most interesting projects in the Bitcoin space – not necessarily changing the world but definitely upping the ante.

Bitcoin shorts

“BTC – Be Really Confident”

Bitcoin panties

What I initially considered a foolish Mimi Bitcoiner turned out to be high-quality Italian-made underwear run by a beloved family. Pablo, the mastermind of this company, is an Argentine immigrant with decades of experience in the lingerie industry and a passion for money without government interference. Several years ago, he combined his Jose and founded Panties for Bitcoin. With “No More Formal Underwear” and “Be Really Confident” as the company’s taglines, Pablo and his family – wife Silvia and son Michael – are doing their part in the circular economy, offering a 10% discount on orders paid in bitcoin.

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