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Best Strategy Games for Windows 11/10 of 2022 May

This list is about the best strategy games for Windows 11/10. We will do our best for you to understand this list, Best Strategy Games for Windows 11/10. Hope you like this list Best Strategy Games for Windows 11/10. let’s start:

Table of Contents: Best Strategy Games for Windows 11/10

A game is any activity conducted or seen as a competition that involves luck, skill, or a combination of the two, and is played according to a set of rules for the enjoyment of players or spectators. Games have provided people with opportunities to engage in mental challenges, social interaction, entertainment, and competition for thousands of years. Many new games are introduced each year, but few are successful enough to merit production in subsequent years. However, you will create a classic game that is meant to be played forever. Your game will be based on strategy, not luck, to determine the course of the game. Good games make all players feel competitive throughout the match, so player elimination games are not perfect.

This means that the player’s ability to make decisions is of great importance in the outcome of the match. Luck based items can be unfair if one player gets a high number of numbers while another player gets a series of low numbers too often, so victory may not depend on how good the players are. When players have the ability to choose the actions they want to take, victory results from those better choices, and experienced players have a much better experience. Good games may allow for multiple different paths to victory, allowing players to craft different strategies early in the game or change as the state of the game changes.

Here is a list of the best strategy games for Windows 11/10

StarCraft II

Players will lead the mighty Brutus in the epic conclusion to the award-winning RTS series from Blizzard and attempt to unite the three races in the ultimate battle for survival against an ancient evil that threatens life in the entire universe. With new units and the introduction of new co-op and multiplayer modes, Legacy of the Void is the ultimate strategy and Starcraft experience at its best.

Unlike the previous expansion of StarCraft II, Legacy of the Void does not require you to purchase any previous versions of the game to play this bundle. She is completely independent. Factor in a diverse single-player campaign, great scenes, and new co-op modes for beginners, and you’ll see Legacy of the Void is one of the best PC games ever.

xcom 2

One of the best and most challenging strategy games on PC, the sequel to XCOM: Enemy Unknown puts humanity on the offensive against alien occupation. The title contains two strategic layers: organizing the rebellion against aliens around the world and tactical battles between your team of soldiers. The game requires stealth tactics along with war and combat. You will have to steal enemy resources, build your forces, hire mercenaries and completely crush alien forces to save the world.

XCOM 2 is a very popular and well-accepted sequel to the award-winning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It is considered one of the deepest strategy games in the market with unique gameplay elements. XCOM 2 is a turn based strategy game where you are the last remaining defender on earth against aliens. The aliens have already invaded Earth, and XCOM has been defeated. Now you live in hiding trying to gather the power of XCOM to defend humanity and keep aliens out of your original world.

Age of Empires II

The most popular strategy game out there. If you thought Assassin’s Creed taught you history, then Age of Empires really allows you to relive history in all its power and glory. Age of Empires was a huge success, however, Age of Empires II went further and became the most popular title in the entire series. The game offers fantastic campaigns with some of the most influential historical characters such as Joan of Arc, Attila the Hun, and even the Great Genghis Khan. You can play the story of each character and help them achieve what they have achieved in real life in the game. If you want a real RTS game that focuses on world history, give this game a try.

However, battles are about more than just throwing large numbers of warriors at your opponents, especially if they are hiding behind some walls. One of the best additions to the original Age of Empires 2 was the proper fortifications and accompanying sieges. The attack on a walled city is a huge investment in gold and manpower, and a logistical dilemma. Siege engines are expensive, slow, and break down as soon as the enemy looks their way. They need troops to accompany them and fight off the AI, which seems to do a good job of prioritizing targets even on normal difficulty, and safe situations in which to launch an attack.

age of legends

If you like Age of Empires, you will be happy to know that Age of Mythology is also published by the same studio, Microsoft. This game is similar to Age of Empires set in the ancient mythical world where gods interfere in human affairs and use mythical creatures like cyclops and minotaurs in battles to crush the enemy. Use your armies to destroy enemy cities, and if your forces are not enough, you can summon gods to help you in battle, who can rain meteors of destruction or summon thunderstorms to wipe your enemies off the face of the earth. ground.

The Greeks, Egyptians, Norsemen, and even the inhabitants of Atlantis are part of the group, and each has a different way of accessing the powers of their deities. Recently, the Remaster received all-new content, which also features mythical beings from Chinese mythology, such as Terracotta Warriors and deities such as Fu Xi and Shennong. The content is called Tales of the Dragon and can be purchased separately from the game.

the company of heroes 2

The game flourishes with unique features that make it one of the best real-time strategy games. It’s not just about building the biggest army and unleashing it on the enemy, but you have to focus on putting up your unit and facing everything. You will not have the advantage of sending a group of gunmen to destroy a tank because the game uses soft and hard counter attacks to keep the game a bit realistic. You will have to make the most tactical decisions in the game if you want to win the battle.

The title tries to be as realistic as possible, and forbids the Hulk to be left alone in the rapid construction of a gigantic army to defeat the enemies. It is necessary to think about the elements of the terrain and how the unit behaves in relation to others. For example, even an army of 100 soldiers with rifles could not cope with a combat tank, because its ammunition would not penetrate armor. You can also test your strength against other players from all over the world in full multiplayer mode. Company of Heroes 2 is the perfect war strategy game for anyone who enjoys making tactical decisions.

Civilization VI

The entire game takes place in turns and you have to take care of everything related to the leader: take care of distributing food and delighting the population, promoting culture and research, dealing with rival civilizations through trade and diplomacy, as well as raising your armies and preparing them for war. Stunning graphics, deep gameplay, and great mechanics make it one of the best strategy games out there.

You have the opportunity to become the supreme leader of the world and see it thrive. You can see the world evolving from the dawn of Neanderthals to the modern space age. Discover new technologies and develop your civilization to become the most powerful in the world. Come face to face with some of history’s top leaders and show them your might in the war. You can even take on other players in multiplayer mode to see who has the most powerful civilization in the world.


Another classic game remastered with more updated graphics, Stronghold: Crusader HD is for those who love to manage all aspects of managing a medieval castle. It was placed during the period of the Crusades. This means that you have to prepare for dangers in the desert as you try to take Jerusalem and line up in the pockets of the Pope.

The game immerses you in the chaotic battles of the Crusade using a gruesome AI that will not rest until you are wiped off the map. Live and experience the mighty Crusades of Richard the Lionheart and Saladin the Syrian Sultan as they lead their armies into battle. Experience the First, Second and Third Crusades and reshape history in this amazing strategy game. Choose your side of the crusade and prepare to attack or defend against your enemies in this epic historical clash.

Final Words: Best Strategy Games for Windows 11/10

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