Best Apple Watch apps of 2022: Best free and paid apps to get the most out of your new smartwatch

Since the Apple Watch was first launched in 2015, thousands of third-party apps have been added to the platform. And with each successive upgrade, the list of best apps keeps expanding.

While the Apple Watch comes with a bunch of first-party apps, like the newly renamed Mindfulness app for watchOS 8, a fully integrated app for tracking sleep and accessing exercise classes through an Apple Fitness+ subscription service, if you dig a little deeper, you’ll find apps for every type of Specialized areas.

There are productivity apps as well as procrastinating apps, mapping apps and travel apps. There are also apps to track your hydration levels and even your poop – yes, you read that right.

Basically, if you need an app that can track and monitor a certain thing, it won’t take you long to find exactly what you need.

Whether you’ve just joined the Apple Watch gang and want the new Apple Watch Series 7 with its big screen and fast charging intelligence, or you’ve been wearing an Apple Watch for years, we’ve rounded up the best apps for you to make the most of your high-tech timekeeper.

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How we tested

There are hundreds of productivity, exercise, and gaming apps out there, and it’s a huge task to check out all of them. But we scoured the featured apps in the Apple Watch App Store and sifted through fledgling startups to find hidden gems.

We’ve used apps that revolve around our daily lives, testing them to see how well they perform at their intended function. If one really excels, there is a good chance they will be on this list. That’s not all. The app needs to work well on a small screen, no matter how big Apple makes the screen — and you won’t find inferior ports for iPhone apps on this list. All of these apps are available in the UK. Some are free, some have in-app purchases and some come at a price, but they really are the best.

The best Apple Watch apps of 2022 are:

  • The best all-round fitness app Apple Fitness +: £9.99 per month,
  • Best running app Nike Run Club: Free,
  • Best sleep tracker app auto sleep: £4.49,
  • Best travel app Citymap: Free,
  • Best for staying hydrated WaterMinder: £4.49,
  • The best in terms of productivity to focus: Free (with in-app purchases),
  • The best weather app Islands weather: Free (with in-app purchases),
  • Best for building habits streaks: £4.49,
  • The best browser for Apple Watch µ browser: £0.89,
  • Best app for relaxation Watch the coloring: £2.49,
  • Best to kill time Arcadia: £1.79,
  • Best to track your poop GoPoop: Free (with in-app purchases),


better: All-round fitness app

We’re really not exaggerating when we say this, but Fitness + It is one of the best services that Apple has ever provided. It’s a guided workout subscription service, led by qualified trainers – shout out to Kyle – and extends to everything from HIIT, dance, and yoga classes to strength training, treadmill running, and guided meditation. You don’t technically need to use an Apple Watch Fitness +But you do need one to set it up in the first place, and your experience will be greatly enhanced if you use it with the watch.

As you work out alongside Apple trainers, your Apple Watch tracks your movement, heart rate, calories burned, and exercise length, with these stats displayed in real time on your iPhone, iPad, or on the big screen through your Apple TV. There is also Time to Walk, where you are invited to go out and almost walk alongside a celebrity as they tell you a story.

You can get a three-month free trial with any new Apple Watch purchase, then it’s £9.99 per month or £79.99 per year.

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better: The app is running

If you’re an avid runner, you won’t want to leave home without Nike Run Club app Load it on your wrist. The tracker gives you stats on your current running speed, distance traveled, heart rate, mileage breakdowns, and the route you’ve taken. But you also have the option of guided running, so you have a coach in your ear, who motivates you to keep going. And it’s not just about managing veterans, but you can get targeted training even if you’re just starting out. It’s all well optimized for the Apple Watch, displaying all your playback stats in bold. Best of all, it’s free.

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(auto sleep)

better: sleep tracking app

The Apple Watch has had native sleep tracking since Apple watchOS 7, but it’s very basic in its functionality, and it’s more intended to help you create good bedtime behaviors. auto sleep It tracks your sleep quality, giving you detailed data on your light sleep time, deep sleep, and reports on your oxygen saturation (SpO2) and heart rate. You don’t have to press any buttons to start the tracking either, it starts analyzing your sleep as soon as you put your head on the pillow. Once you start using auto sleepYou’ll gain so many ideas about how you sleep that you won’t want to stop using them.

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better: travel app

If you are among the millions of people who use Citymap To get around, you’ll love the Apple Watch app. Just like on the iPhone, you’ll be able to plan your trip, see live train and bus times, and get route alerts right from your wrist. The Apple Watch app has a clutter-free user interface that shows you exactly which train and bus you’re getting on, exactly when it’s coming, where you’re getting off, and where you need to go next. It’s clean, easy to follow and gives you all the relevant information based on where you stand.

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better: To keep the body hydrated

If you forget to get drunk while you are away from working on your keyboard, WaterMinder is the app for you. WaterMinder It is a water consumption tracker that reminds you to drink. You can choose or recommend a water intake goal based on your body weight. It’s easy to record and visualize how much you drink thanks to the Apple Watch app, which also has a watch face complication. You can also see historical data for your water intake at a glance, both in fee and in percentage terms.

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Focus: Free (with in-app purchases),

(to focus)

better: productivity app

Not to be confused with the new Focus Mode feature on the Apple Watch, this is an entirely different third-party app meant to help you stay productive while working. If you are familiar with the pomodoro technique, you will like it to focus, which helps you divide your day into 25-minute chunks with a five-minute break between each. The Apple Watch app helps you keep time at a glance, with reminders to take a break. It’s a small and elegant productivity app perfect for busy bees.

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“Carrot Weather”: Free (with in-app purchases),

(island weather)

better: weather app

It’s the most ridiculous weather app, but we wouldn’t get it any other way. Apple Watch app of the year award winner in 2021, Islands weather It is a highly customizable application with a huge number of data points. It’s easy to view current, hourly, daily and seven-day forecasts, along with intelligent dialogue, and it’s completely free, as well as easy to switch location and access to secret locations feature. But if you want weather alert notifications and access to cool multiples, you’ll have to sign up for Carrot’s premium subscription.

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better: to form habits

This is an ideal app for maintaining new habits, such as remembering to floss your teeth or calling your mother. You can create tasks that you want to complete every day, on a specific date or for a specific duration. If you complete the task, you create a streak that encourages you to keep going. It’s easy to mark completed tasks with the nifty Apple Watch applet, and the intricacies of the watch face are well built in, so you can quickly see how long you have left to complete a task. Simple but effective.

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better: Apple Watch browser

The Apple Watch isn’t the ideal device for browsing the web, but now that the Apple Watch 7’s screen is a little bigger, anything is possible. If you really want to surf the web from your watch, you can’t go wrong µ browser. It works especially well on news sites like independentAlthough, you may have some issues with loading images and not displaying custom fonts.

Quickly access locations with the intricacies of a watch face, and manage your bookmarks with the iOS companion app. The only problem is that it’s hard to search for the app in the Apple Watch App Store because of this Greek letter, but searching for “uBrowser” should suffice.

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(coloring hour)

better: to relax

This device is specifically designed for Apple Watch. It’s a coloring book for your wrist, featuring more than 100 different pictures for you to color. Colors can be set with the Digital Crown, and we’re huge fans of mindfulness mode. Five-minute coloring sessions begin while the app tracks your heart rate and learns how it changes over the course of the session.

It is really good if you are nervous or just need a moment of calm to color a beautiful picture, it also contributes to your mindfulness minutes in health kit a program. All images can be used as part of your watch face as well which is a nice extra touch.

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better: to kill time

We didn’t know that playing on Apple Watch could be fun until we downloaded it Arcadia on it. There are 21 classic arcade games with a twist, all fully optimized to play on your Apple Watch. You have “BrickOut” (essentially Breakout), “Galaxy Invaders” (basically Space Invaders), and our favorite “RainBowling” – which is basically bowling, but obstacles stand in your way. It’s great fun for a bunch of little games to be played on your wrist.

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GoPoop: Free (with in-app purchases),


There are apps to track literally everything, so don’t be surprised to see a tube tracker on this list. With GoPoopIn this article, you can track the shape (with some gross looking stool pictures), the color, how easy it is to pass, how long it lasts, and the weight of your poop (if you have this information). It’s actually a little intimidating to see the last countdown tube timer on your wrist, no matter how long you’ve been to the toilet. There is also a premium level that gives you directions around your seats. This can be found in the iOS app, so it’s not an Apple Watch feature. It’s the tracker you didn’t know you needed.

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Verdict: Apple Watch apps

The Apple Watch is over seven years old now, and over the course of its life, better and better apps have emerged. Still one of the best Apple Watch apps Fitness + Subscription service. The way you can see the progress of your activity in real time on the screen with your Apple TV is amazing.

We are also still fans of Nike Run Club app. But, if you are looking to waste time on your watch, we recommend Arcadia app, which is a game full of elegant games. Or if you are looking to track your body even further, you can’t go wrong with apps like WaterMinderAnd auto sleep even GoPoop.

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