Top 7 ways to fix your Windows laptop draining battery when the lid is closed

Not everyone is keen to turn their laptop off after some work is done. Putting your laptop to sleep makes it ready to use in a few seconds when you wake up. Sometimes you may notice that your Windows laptop loses an abnormal percentage of battery when the lid is closed. If you encounter the same, here are the ways to fix a Windows laptop that drains battery when the lid is closed.

Have you put your laptop to sleep at night and lost 10%-15% battery charge by morning? This is not normal, and before you lose your morning hours charging your laptop, you can follow the tricks below and fix battery drain issues once and for all.

1. Disable fast startup

As the name suggests, the Fast Startup function helps your computer start up faster. Sometimes the feature can go wrong and make your laptop wake up even when the lid is closed or the laptop is turned off. When starting the device, the battery may be empty. Let’s disable fast startup on your laptop.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for Control Panel.

Step 2: Select Hardware and Sound.

Step 3: Click Power Options.

The fourth step: Choose Choose what closing the lid does from the left sidebar.

Fifth step: Disable Turn on the fast startup option and click Save changes at the bottom.

2. Make sure all Windows processes are suspended

Are you trying to update apps on your laptop or download a large file from the web? Before closing the laptop lid, complete the task or pause the download process. Some services may continue to run in the background after you close the cover, and the battery can drain quickly.

3. Run the power troubleshooter

Windows 11 comes with a power troubleshooter to fix battery consumption violations on laptops. Here’s how to run a power troubleshooter and fix a drained laptop battery when the lid is closed.

Step 1: Open Windows 11 Settings and select System from the left sidebar.

Step 2: Click Troubleshoot.

Step 3: Open other troubleshooters.

The fourth step: Run the power troubleshooter and let Windows fix the problem.

4. Put the laptop to sleep when the lid is closed

Some users do not put the laptop to sleep but instead close the lid, assuming it will go to sleep automatically. If you select “Do nothing” while the lid is closed in the Control Panel menu, the laptop will stay awake and consume battery power. You will need to make an adjustment from the Control Panel.

Step 1: Open Control Panel and go to Power Options (see first section).

Step 2: Choose Choose what closing the lid does.

Step 3: From the “When I close the lid” menu, you have two options.

on battery: Use the dropdown menu and select Sleep.

connected: Select Do nothing or Sleep when plugged in (although we recommend that you select Sleep).

5. Don’t open too many apps at startup

After opening the lid of your laptop, do you notice high battery usage and the fans spinning with a louder noise? Several services may open at startup on your laptop. You need to disable unrelated apps and services from opening on startup from the settings menu.

Step 1: Open the Windows 11 settings menu (use the Windows + I keys).

Step 2: Select Applications from the left sidebar.

Step 3: Click Get Started at the bottom.

The fourth step: Check which applications and services open at startup and their effect on the system.

Turn off the behavior of unnecessary applications and close the menu.

6. Disconnect external devices from the laptop

Have you connected USB devices or external hard drives to your laptop? When you close the cover, connected devices may wake up your laptop frequently and drain the battery. You need to disconnect external devices from the laptop and then close the lid.

7. Check the battery health

Each laptop battery comes with constant charge cycles. On most modern laptops, you will see 1,000 charge cycles, after which the device battery will deteriorate. You can check the left cycles of your laptop battery using the steps below.

Noticeable: Battery check steps (remaining charge cycles) vary from OEM to OEM. In the screenshots below, we’ll be using an HP laptop.

Step 1: Press the Windows key and search for HP Support Assistant.

Step 2: Press the Enter key and open the menu.

Step 3: Select Battery from the My Dashboard under the Device Health menu.

The fourth step: Run a battery check.

Fifth step: From the list of results, select Show advanced information.

Sixth step: Check the number of cycles left from the following list.

If your laptop battery is about to die, you will notice significant battery drain during daily use and when the lid is closed. It will need to be replaced by the company.

Stop battery drain on laptop

You won’t want to spend your working hours staying glued to a power adapter. Windows laptop battery drain is not a normal phenomenon. You should use the above mentioned tricks and end abnormal battery usage when you close the laptop lid.

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