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John Hughes movies are packed with classics, but one movie still flies under the radar: Here’s the story of Reach The Rock.

This article contains spoilers for Reach The Rock

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John Hughes’ screenplays remain some of the most successful and enduring films of the ’80s and early ’90s: not just in terms of box office but in terms of stamina. National Spelling Christmas Holiday And Home AloneThey are, for example, some of the most beloved comedies of the era, rewatching them year after year. Hughes had always tended to write for a specific audience, and his screenings of teen films in the ’80s was specific to such cinema at the time.

But the ’90s saw a decline, if not in popularity, then certainly in creative endeavors. High-budget family movies became his niche, going through her likes Children’s Day Out, Flaubert And miracle day 34y St. The quiet, contemplative comedy drama with which he made his name feels like a thing of the past, and while there’s an advantage to his family’s fare, it’s the smaller character-driven drama of the ’80s where his composed voice can be heard loudest.

It’s a huge surprise, then, that his recent foray into the genre has been almost completely forgotten.

It was called Rich the Rock, Arrived in 1998. Hughes’ new script usually brought buzz and a great deal of publicity. In fact, Hughes is arguably one of the few screenwriters whose name on the project will be more famous than the director. However, this particular movie seems to come and go without a trace.

Look it up online and you’ll find the IMDB page and some reviews, but except for the VHS version which is now extremely rare, the movie is very hard to watch.

However, the trailer for the movie, just below those words, doesn’t shy away from playing the John Hughes card, nor introducing the names of his previous movies…

The script has been around for years before it was even created. Hughes actually introduced her to Chris Columbus at the same time Home Alone. In what was the smartest move of his career, Columbus chose the last, and scored the biggest hit of his career (until Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in 2001).

Hughes’ son, who owned a recording company, provided inspiration for an eclectic group of Chicago bands for soundtracks. In a 1997 interview promoting the film, Hughes said that “my son used to listen to a lot of Chicago music—tortoise, shellac, sea and cake—and I wrote the script for that music.” “I’m from Chicago, I live in Chicago and I really wanted the music to succeed in Chicago. It made sense for me to use local music, and I wanted a lot of instrumental music, but it’s hard to find useful music for films that have any integration.”

Instead of directing the film himself, Hughes handed over the reins to his long-term assistant, William Ryan, who worked with him from Home Alone onwards.

The film tells of an eventful evening in the life of the aimless wanderer Robin, played by Alessandro Nivola. He was arrested after a storefront window was broken, and was placed in the custody of Police Chief William Sadler Quinn. What follows is basically a personal study, as each is trapped in the police station and trapped in their own way, all they can do is talk.

In this respect, the film draws many parallels with Hughes’ coronation glory breakfast club. In fact, Robin’s central character can easily be seen as an adult John Bender, with a similar attitude and sense of humor. Objectively speaking, they are also similar movies, characters rebelling against power, trying to claim their place in a world that doesn’t seem to want it.

The title refers to the incident that provides the emotional backbone of the film. As a teenager, a drunken friend of ‘Robin’ bets that he can swim to a rock jutting out from the middle of a river. The friend begs him not to do it, but he does it anyway but has difficulty, and eventually drowns. The resulting shock informs everything Robin does, from arresting him to antagonizing Chief Quinn (who later turns out to be the uncle of the drowned friend, adding an extra layer of tragedy to their struggle).reach the rock

The subplot is arguably closer to Hughes’ comedic sensibilities, in which the deputy mayor tries to be with his girlfriend and is constantly frustrated at the last minute. Hughes always liked to have fun with authority figures, punching holes in their armor. Parallels can be drawn to the director’s relentless pursuit of Ferris Ferris Bueller’s Day Off School principals are trying to deceive the teenagers breakfast club.

reach the rock It is the last film that Hoes had complete control over, and thus is an important milestone. One more movie is credited to him, 2001 just visit. A new American version of the 1993 French movie Visitors, who is credited with writing the film with Christian Claver, the film was a box office bomb. He has story credits for both 2002 Maid in Manhattan and 2008 Drillbit Tayloralthough he had already retired by the time the latter came out.

who leaves reach the rock Antiques may only be of interest to Hughes aficionados. But I would still suggest that the final product is a solid film that includes everything that Hughes has excelled at in his writing.

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