Similarweb acquires Rank Ranger™, a leading provider of SEO and search ranking tracking solutions

Tel Aviv, Israel–(work wireSlipper Web (NYSE: SMWB), a leading digital intelligence company, has announced the acquisition of Rank Ranger, the market leader in search engine optimization and ranking tracking, trusted by by hundreds of companies around the world.

The acquisition expands Sameweb’s capabilities as a comprehensive enterprise SEO suite by combining keyword research and analysis capabilities with Rank Ranger search term tracking. And for the first time, this powerful suite will give search professionals and marketing leaders a complete understanding of their relative “market share” beyond the keywords they track.

Users will be able to monitor, track and report keyword rankings over time across all the leading search engines, and now correlate how they rank for key search terms with the actual traffic that those terms are driving. These combined insights will allow search professionals to quickly identify the most effective ways to drive traffic growth and thus achieve greater returns on their research investment.

“Winning in search engine marketing is an important driver of business growth for our customers,” said Or Offer, CEO of Sliceweb. “By combining current, industry-leading keyword traffic analysis features and unique data sets with premium ranking tracking and Rank Ranger SEO tools, we are significantly expanding our suite of SEO products for enterprises, We are confident that it will bring a strong competitive advantage to our clients.”

Rank Ranger tools enable research professionals to monitor progress against research marketing goals, while measuring, improving and reporting the impact of specific strategies. Incorporating these capabilities into the daily workflow of search professionals enables them to maintain a high ranking for their products and services and design winning campaigns, and gives them the flexibility they need to interact when competitors are vying for the same keywords, or when search trends in their markets change.

Ranger rank tools and capabilities include:

  • Tracing order over time for important keywords or groups of keywords

  • Optimal research for local markets as well as at the country level

  • Link management and measurement of backlink campaigns on ranking performance

  • Advanced SEO & Digital Marketing Reports

  • Landing Page Optimization

  • Multi-Enterprise Platform Integration

“We are very excited to be joining Slither Web,” said Shay Harrell, CEO and founder of RankRanger. “A similar site is quickly becoming the standard for companies to measure their competitiveness on the web and mobile on the web. We believe our approach to search ranking and monitoring makes it truly a good fit with similar site keyword analysis capabilities and best-in-class traffic data.”

Rank Ranger will continue to operate as Rank Ranger, a similar company. The financial terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

About similar web:

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