OnePlus Nord 1st generation outperforms the stable release supplement of Android 12

OnePlus Nord opened nearly two years ago, and the OnePlus Nord family has rapidly grown to include many Best budget phones available in 2022 in many major markets around the world.

This is thanks primarily to the great balance between raw power and affordability, with models such as the N10 5G, N200 5G and The recently released N20 5G shines positively in the hardware specification department… while largely failing to impress from a software and support standpoint.
Interestingly, this does not appear to be the case with regard to the OG OnePlus Nord Last year’s Android 11 update followed by an official promotion of Android 12 as we speak. While it wasn’t quite as fast by Samsung standards, for example, this over-the-air delivery will likely be treated as a very nice surprise by quite a few owners of the 6.44-inch device that laid the foundation for the Nord-branded Flood commercial. During the last eighteen months or so.
Among other reasons, this is because of the slightly newer (and admittedly low) Nord N100 and The N10 5G is not meant to have the benefits of Android 12 Absolutely. Then there is the appropriate name Nord 2, which is a direct sequel to the first generation of 5G technology and has not yet been upgraded to a stable form of the latest version of Google’s industry-leading mobile operating system.
the original Even OnePlus Nord beats the hot new Nord N20 5G to OxygenOS 12 running Android 12, which is pretty much unprecedented…and almost impossible to explain or justify to early adopters of the latest phone.
As usual, OnePlus is just ready for Commitment to OTA delivery “incrementally”, with an apparently “small percentage of users” arriving over the weekend and a “wider rollout” set to take place “in a few days” if all goes according to initial plan.
At the moment, it seems that the stable update is underway exclusively in India, but many other countries are likely to follow suit before long. Obviously, the same applies to the Nord 2 5G mentioned above, which The open Android 12 beta program started two weeks ago. Similar public tests to OG Nord were launched at the beginning of April, so the second-generation model shouldn’t take long to complete development of the revised OS.
The revisions, tweaks, and improvements mentioned seem to affect a whopping 4GB (!!!) total for Nord users who opted out of the open beta program, with the April 2022 security patches included in the livestream. The package is in addition to all of the following, According to XDA Developers:


  • [Added] Smart Battery Engine, a feature that extends battery life based on smart algorithms and biomimetic self-recovery technology;
  • [Optimized] Desktop icons with improved texture, using a design inspired by completely new textures and unifying lights and layers.

dark mode

  • [Supported] Three adjustable levels, providing a more personalized and comfortable user experience.


  • [Added] New additional style options for cards, making data contents clearer and easier to read;
  • [Added] Access to OnePlus Scout in Shelf, allowing you to search multiple contents on your phone, including apps, settings, media data, etc.

Balance life with work

  • [Added] Work Life Balance feature that allows you to easily switch between work and life modes through quick settings;
  • [Supported] Automatic switching between work/life mode, based on specific locations, Wi-Fi and time, and provides custom profiles for app notifications according to customization.


  • [Supported] Switch between different layouts with a two-finger tap gesture, intelligently recognize the best quality images, and crop thumbnail based on content, making gallery layout more interesting.

AOD . cloth

  • [Added] New diverse styles of fonts and colors, for a more personalized lock screen experience with inspirational images;
  • [Added] Multiple brushes and strokes, color adjustment support;
  • [Optimized] A software algorithm and improved face recognition to better identify the features and skin tone of different shapes.


  • [Added] End-to-end frame rate stabilizer HyperBoost;
  • [Added] Sound effect preview to let you record your sound effects or check the sound effect in real time.

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