How popular is Apple Pay casino UK?

Apple was and still is one of the top two brands in the world, along with Android. It is known for its latest technology and various high quality products. Not so long ago, the company introduced its mobile payment service, Apple Pay, the service we know and use today.

As of August last year, the UK is in the list of the top 17 countries in the world that process the most payments online. Many of these payments today are processed using Apple Pay. Compared to other payment methods and point of sale systems, this method is the first in terms of use in stores and restaurants, as well as through the Internet.

The best part about it is that today you can use this method to make deposits and withdrawals at the Apple Pay casino in the UK. This option allows for safe, smooth and fast transactions, which is why it is preferred by many gamblers in the country.

About Apple Pay

Apple Pay was launched not so long ago, in 2014. It was created long before that as a joint venture between MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Apple. The idea behind this tool was to replace traditional bank transfers with smartphone technology, and allow users to pay with their phones without much effort.

Apple announced this service at the launch of the iPhone 6 as the CEO declared card payments unsafe and outdated. Due to its high level of security and simplicity of use, Apple Pay quickly became a huge success. It arrived in the UK in 2015 when it was integrated into the payment systems of popular brands such as KFC and Starbucks.

In the next few years, Apple Pay spread to many European and Asian countries. By the summer of 2020, 60 countries had signed up to use this method. Today, this is one of the leading services for making payments in the world, which is especially popular for purchases and online activities such as gambling.

Among its set of features, Apple Pay also has an electronic wallet, which makes it one of the most popular gambling methods in the world. Just a year ago, in 2021, the UK topped their Apple Pay transactions with 63% of people using it at least once.

How popular is Apple Pay today?

The UK is one of the best countries in terms of using Apple Pay. Methods like these, including Google Pay, have been used to make more online purchases than with physical debit cards in the country. It looks like this trend isn’t going away anytime soon, and it will soon climb to the top of popular banking options.

UK mobile payments were used in 2020 for less than a third of all online transactions compared to debit cards used at 29%. The numbers have increased significantly since then. While cards remain the most popular method for purchases made in person, accounting for nearly 50%, options like Apple Pay are currently the most popular option for making online purchases.

This means that if you want to gamble online, mobile payment options are currently the most popular feature of UK online casinos. They are safe, comfortable and always at your disposal.

Pros and cons of using Apple Pay

If you are an Apple customer, you should definitely give this method a chance. Apple Pay is a very useful service included in the cost of UK mobile phone contracts. There are no transaction fees, which is one of the main reasons why this method is preferred over others in online casinos.

Another benefit of using this method is its widespread use. It is universal, which means you can use it anywhere it is accepted as a medium, including casino sites. You can buy some clothes and a coffee, book a vacation, send money to your friends and gamble whenever you want in just a few minutes.

Another great benefit is the level of security it provides. Since you don’t enter any bank details but basically pay using a postpaid account, all you need is your phone to make the transaction. Most Apple devices use Touch ID protection, which is difficult to access and hack, adding extra security for your transactions.

On the other hand, this method is not as available as you think. Not everyone uses Apple devices. Android is still the most used operating system today, so millions of Android users are excluded from using this banking method. They have an alternative, Google Pay which works similarly to this.

Plus, the option to spend money that you need to pay later when the bill comes in can easily lead to spending more than you can afford. It works similarly to credit cards. There are certain limits to how much you can spend, but you can get away with it unless you keep track of your balance.

Have you used this method before? If you are an Apple user and are looking for a quick and secure solution for gambling payments, then you should definitely test it out.

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