Hoseki Announces Stillmark Seed Funding For Bitcoin Proof Of Asset Service

  • Hoseki is raising seed funding from Stillmark and other prominent bitcoin investors.
  • Executive Director Sam Abbasi Rapid development plans for infrastructure and staffing strategy.
  • Hoseki’s product is scheduled to be released to the public, with the support of more than 50 partners, later this year.

Austin, TexasAnd May 16 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Hoseki, the world’s first proof-of-asset service for bitcoin investors, today announced the closing of its initial investment led by Stillmark. Additional investors in the round include Ten31, Castle Island Ventures and Avon Ventures, an investment fund of FMR LLC, the parent company of Fidelity Investments. Hoseki previously raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding from Castle Island Ventures.

“Hoseki offers a service that will enable unprecedented benefit to funds, businesses, and retail investors in the bitcoin economy by providing easy proof of ownership experiences for anyone who owns bitcoin. We are excited about this next step in fulfilling our company’s mission,” Sam Abbasi, founder and CEO of Hoseki Corporation. “The support of prominent Bitcoin investors is a testament to the importance of the product our team is building.”

Hoseki intends to accelerate the development of its technology and product infrastructure in response to market demand for digital asset certification services. Hoseki will also maintain a strong company-wide recruitment strategy, particularly for engineering and design roles.

Consumer interest in bitcoin-backed loans — especially mortgage loans — remains strong in 2022, and Hoseki plans to capture that momentum by targeting potential homebuyers when the Hoseki app launches later this year. Founded in 2021, Hoseki has worked incognito to build the Bitcoin industry’s first digital asset authentication service. Already, Hoseki has secured over 50 partnerships with traditional lenders and mortgage brokers who will accept Hoseki’s Proof of Asset documents. Leading Bitcoin financial and financial services firms including Leiden and Kazaa have also entered into partnerships with Hoseki.

“Hoseki opens up a whole new way for bitcoin investors to participate in the bitcoin economy where ownership does not exclude utility,” he said. Alize Keelen, founder and managing partner of Stillmark. “The Hoseki team recognizes bitcoin as the world’s most authentic form of collateral, and we are thrilled to support their vision of providing documentation of digital asset ownership to millions of bitcoin holders around the world.”

“Lenders and brokers are just beginning to understand the value of bitcoin-backed loans and are increasingly keen to explore the larger role that these assets will play in global financial markets.” Nick CarterCo-founder of Castle Island Ventures. “We are proud to have supported Hoseki from the start, and believe that they are in a very good position to gain and advance a leadership position in this pivotal aspect of the Bitcoin economy.”

Hoseki plans to release a private alpha version of its product to a small group of users later this summer with a public beta phase scheduled for early Q3 2022. Bitcoin investors who want to join the Hoseki alpha testing period can visit hoseki.app To register for early access.

About Hoseki

Hoseki is building the financial plumbing for the original Bitcoin economy that allows investors to check and use their properties in ways that were previously inaccessible. By empowering bitcoin holders with a unified proof of asset service, Hoseki will unleash a larger and more vibrant bitcoin economy than ever before.

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