Apple Podcasts Launches Delegated Delivery with Third-Party Hosting Integration

Apple has upgraded its Podcasts platform as iOS 15.5 RC reveals a new option to limit episodes stored on your devices as well as changes arriving to help podcasts better deliver the value of annual subscriptions. Apple Podcasts has now announced a new Delegated Delivery service that will allow creators to “upload, manage, and distribute premium audio through participating third-party hosting providers.”

Apple announced the news in a press release today, sharing details about the new option for podcast creators along with a launch date this fall.

The big picture is that delegated delivery should reduce the operational tasks of handling podcast subscriptions “so that creators can focus on making and marketing their work.”

Compatible with seven hosting providers, the new Apple Podcasts service will allow creators to offer free and premium shows.

Here is the initial list of supported hosts:

  • team work
  • ART19
  • blueberry
  • basspruit
  • Lipsin
  • Omni Studio

Apple says more hosts will be added after the fall launch and that it will share more information and resources for creators about how to use delegated delivery before launch.

You can check out the full details in the Apple blog post and here is a helpful FAQ in more detail:

Questions and answers for creators

How do I know if my hosting provider offers authorized delivery?

Check the Hosting Providers page to see if and when authorized delivery will be supported by your hosting provider.

My hosting provider has committed to offering authorized delivery. When will it be available?

Authorized delivery will be available starting this fall. Check the Hosting Providers page for updates.

How do I grant my hosting provider access to my account to present shows and episodes to Apple Podcasts?

More information will be shared before this fall’s launch.

If I’m using delegated delivery, do I still need to upload premium audio directly through Apple Podcasts Connect?

With delegated delivery enabled, you are no longer required to upload subscriber audio through Apple Podcasts Connect, but you will be able to do so if you choose. You can use Apple Podcasts Connect to verify that your premium content has been successfully published and you will continue to use Apple Podcasts Connect to create new channels, manage subscriptions, view listening analytics, export subscription reports, and more.

Can I use authorized delivery with multiple hosting providers?

Yes, you can enable multiple hosting providers to deliver new episodes using the Delivery authorization.

Do I need to be a member of Apple Podcasters to use Authorized Delivery?

You can use authorized delivery without membership in the Apple Podcasters program to enable hosting providers to post free shows. Membership is required to post premium shows and episodes.

Is there an additional cost to use authorized delivery?

Authorized delivery will be available to all creators through Apple Podcasts Connect at no additional cost.

If I change hosting providers, can I still use delegated delivery?

If your new hosting provider supports delegated delivery, you can still use this feature once you have delegated it. Contact your hosting providers for more information on how to migrate your offer and begin authorized delivery.

If I grant my hosting provider access via proxy delivery, can they see my analytics in Apple Podcasts Connect?

No, your analytics is only available to you and anyone who has an analyst role on Apple Podcasts Connect. Delegated delivery does not give the hosting provider permission to see your analytics.

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