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Since the advent of YouTube in 2005, the reach and influence of video marketing has skyrocketed.

YouTube has changed the game by allowing regular users to upload, publish and market their video content directly within the search engine.

Today, more than 2.6 billion people use the platform.

And YouTube is not the only player in town.

Vimeo, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram all have powerful video marketing capabilities to help businesses find them.

Local businesses can use video marketing to drive more traffic, reach more customers, and grow online.

Here are four strategies for building your own local video marketing strategy.

The value of video marketing for local businesses

Video is an effective tool for local businesses.

While many would assume that video marketing is more of an online business, there are many benefits to video marketing in the local segment.

Benefits of Local Video Marketing

  • Website TrafficPublishing videos online and improving clicks can get more users directly to your website.
  • revenue growthVideo marketing can influence purchasing decisions and increase revenue for your local business.
  • Brand awareness: The video exposes your work to more users across a wide range of platforms, helping to increase the visibility of your business
  • confidence and powerPosting valuable content can build trust with your audience and give authority to your business.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Embedding videos in your web pages and articles can help your site appear in organic or Google image searches.
  • Backlinks: Videos can add value to your content and encourage other websites to link back to your website, which is good for SEO and referral traffic.
  • Email MarketingVideos make great additions to your email marketing campaigns, driving up engagement and clicks.
  • Advertising: Many video platforms provide paid advertising opportunities to generate more clicks and revenue for your business.
  • local presencePosting videos about your community or local events can help you attract more customers in your area, even if you’re advertising online.
  • Relevance: Creating relevant and engaging videos can further support your existing marketing campaigns, educate users about your business, and improve your digital footprint.

How to earn with local video marketing

Recent studies show that 70% of viewers have purchased from a brand after watching their video content on YouTube.

The opportunity is right for video marketing, even for local businesses.

Here are some ways to make your video work for your local business.

1. Attract traffic with educational videos

Many small businesses struggle to attract organic website traffic due to limited resources and access. Your local business can attract more visitors through SEO with educational video content.

Users are actively searching for information online.

If you can publish and market educational content that suits their interests, you can use the power of search engines like Google and YouTube to grow your website traffic.

Tools like Semrush and TubeBuddy allow you to search for keywords that users are searching for on Google and YouTube.

Depending on the volume of terms and the level of competition, you can create videos targeting these topics.

Let’s say, for example, that you are a small law firm.

You can create educational videos about:

  • “Tips for Hiring a Divorce Lawyer” (260 searches per month).
  • “Divorce Mediation Tips and Tricks” (170 searches per month).
  • Your state’s “adoption laws” (390 searches per month).

You will need to optimize the video title, description, and tags on YouTube for the target keywords you hope to rank for.

You can then publish your video to YouTube and embed it on your website.

This can help attract organic traffic to your website and increase your website’s authority in your industry.

2. Build trust with leading products

Consumers today are increasingly suspicious of “tricks” and false advertising claims.

Educated consumers are more likely to invest in brands they know and trust.

Video marketing can be a great way to build trust in your brand.

Demos and tutorials allow you to showcase the benefits and features of your products.

You can show potential customers how they can enjoy your product, use specific features, and apply them to their daily lives. Sometimes, show is better than say!

When copying webpage or blog articles isn’t enough, adding product highlight videos can encourage customers to buy from you.

So, if someone visits your store and checks out your website later, a helpful video might be enough to get them to make a purchase.

Furthermore, if you can find keywords to target in your video, you may be able to rank your video on Google and YouTube.

If you have an e-commerce job, this could be a good way to increase sales online.

3. Reuse video content via social media

Small local businesses face unique challenges when it comes to marketing.

The market is often smaller and local competition can be fierce.

Add in the fact that many small businesses are short on marketing resources, and the most important thing is to get the best value for your money.

This is where content redirection comes in.

You can essentially “reuse” your video content across platforms instead of creating unique video assets with reallocation.

Here’s an example of how that works:

  • You conduct a live Facebook video session via your local company’s Facebook page.
  • You can then download the Facebook Live video to your computer for later uploading to YouTube.
  • You can edit your video and publish it to YouTube while saving individual videos to social media.
  • You are re-sharing these videos on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Once you go live, you embed your YouTube video in your most recent blog post.
  • You then associate your blog article with your email marketing campaign.

In this case, you convert a single video into multiple pieces of content for use across seven different platforms (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, website, and email).

You can see how this is a huge saving of time (and money) in your video marketing efforts.

4. Increase contact with company resumes and testimonials

Customers often want to feel a close relationship with the brand they hope to buy from.

This may be especially true for local businesses closest to their local community.

Video content can help nurture that connection.

There are a few types of video ideas for building relationships with your customers:

traffic team

Ask your team members to share interesting facts about their passions, experiences, and hobbies to build a connection between your users and your company.

Testimonials – Recommendations

Ask existing customers if they would like to provide video testimonials to review your products or services. This can help build trust with potential clients.


Host Ask A [profressional]“So that potential clients can learn more about your industry, your offerings, and/or your company.


Showcase your service or product in action with expert-led how-to (can be live or pre-recorded)

event summary

If there is a popular event in your local area, consider recording your experience and adding your comment for the post-event summary. The event may be searchable on Google or YouTube depending on its popularity.

Community participation

Does your business host volunteer events, scholarships, or otherwise get involved in your local community? Show your team in action by registering and displaying your work on your Community Initiatives page on your website.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers real-time sharing that you can’t get on many other platforms. This allows users to comment, ask questions, and interact with you in a live digital environment.

Video content adds a personal touch to your marketing.

Strengthen this connection with potential customers and they may even inspire you to visit your local business or your online store.

Use video marketing to reach more local customers

Video marketing is not just limited to online business.

Local businesses can also benefit from video in unique ways.

Although the goal may not be online sales, video marketing can enhance communication, trust, and interaction with potential customers.

There are many creative ways to use video marketing in your local business.

Whether through educational videos, team walks, Facebook Live, or any other medium, video is a great way to boost your online and local presence.

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