Finally, a convenient secret place to hide your Apple Air Tag!

There has been a fair amount of controversy over where to hide the Apple Air Tag on the bike so that it would not be detected and immediately removed by thieves. Muc Off may have just produced the right solution: a valve with an air tag holder, so you can keep your Air Tag inside your tires.

This seems like a genius solution. It’s not immediately visible, and any thief who tries to hastily remove it will end up with a flat tire and a bike they just can’t ride away. Plus they will likely have tired thumbs and be covered in sealant juice. All silver lining and all that.

It doesn’t seem to be compatible with tubeless accessories, but can you imagine the torture of trying to install an accessory in addition to the Air Tag? You may find yourself wishing someone would take your bike next.

What are the most viscous sealants to deter thieves? Perhaps the next product launch should be some kind of DNA traceable sealant that glows under UV light? Simply put a speck of your urine on top of the leaky bottle to create a completely unique leak-proof imprint so you can definitely claim the bike is yours?

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Anyway, while the MucOff bodies work on this indispensable idea, get a press release with all the official details.

Following on from the success of the Secure Tag Holder brand earlier this year, the Muc-Off product team has designed a unique version that allows the Apple AirTag® to be stored inside a compatible tubeless mountain or gravel bike frame and rim. This makes it the ultimate secret tracking solution, completely hidden from bike thieves.

Designed for use with the Apple AirTag® (not included), which is housed in a protective 3-part silicone rubber tubeless valve holder with a range of tubeless valve bases, so you can ensure a tight seal against the rim when installed inside a tubeless frame.

Also integrated is the high impact rim protection and AirTag®, a carcass shank that compresses and rebounds under extreme loads. Although the mount will absorb shock, it is secure to the valve with a sturdy stem base that allows air to flow through the valve as normal and will not slam into the rim and frame.

The Apple AirTag® works itself by allowing users to track any item from their phone using the Find My® app. Once activated, whatever item the tag connects to appears on the in-app radar, so tracking a bike down is as simple as looking at a map.

According to a study from Direct Line Insurance*, between April and August 2020, bike thefts in the UK exceeded 110,000, while bike registration professionals 529 Garage** reported that the US experiences more than two million bike thefts each year, one every 30 seconds! With data collected from Worldometers*** indicating that the number of new bikes produced in 2021 will exceed 150 million by the end of the year, there has never been a more important time for riders to equip themselves with the additional safety offered by this technology.

Technologies like Apple Airtag® It can be a great defense against potential bike thieves. That’s what drove the development of tag holders, we wanted to provide riders with a safe, anti-theft way to fix the tracker on their bikes. Our newest offering – the Stealth Tubeless tag holder – is a completely unique discreet solution unlike anything we’ve seen on the market so far. We will continue to embrace emerging technologies to enhance each rider’s experience, while continuing our exciting program of innovation going forward. “

— Alex Trimnell, CEO of Muc-Off.

The Stealth Tubeless Tag Holder and Secure Card Holder follows Muc-Off’s recent launch of its new bike insurance product, introduced by NextGen. With so many innovative benefits including a discount on multiple bikes, a free upgrade cover and no high renewal prices, Muc-Off’s ambition to continue improving riders’ experiences shows no sign of waning. The launch of the Secure Tag Holder means riders now have an epic range of Muc-Off offerings to keep their bikes safer than ever.

The Stealth Tubeless tag holder is on sale via the Muc-Off distribution network and on for £14.99 / €19.99 / US$19.99 and as part of a set that includes a set of Muc-Off 44mm Tubeless Valves for £34.99 / €42.99 US / $44.99 US.

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