Wind, Tide and Oar: A new movie fundraiser

A fundraiser for the movie Wind, Tide and Oar has been launched that will test the art of motorless sailing and those who go to sea

The art of sailing without an engine and the lives of those who choose to go to sea using natural elements alone will be explored in a new movie, Wind, tides and oar.

Directed by Huw Wahl with production managed by his sister, Sailor Rose Ravetz, the film is currently being filmed with a manual camera using old 16mm film stock before it was digitized and edited.

Several boats will be photographed Wind, tides and oar Including the Thames sailing barge blue mermaidCatch BirobiLooe lugger guide merigging gaff the challengeLee Pauli Helen and Violet slap essex fairy.

The first time I got on my sister Rose’s 22-foot boat the challenge In 2019, I knew we had to make a movie together about sailing, and when she introduced me to a community of East Coast sailors dedicated to the possibilities of motorless sailing — the project found its voice,” Wall commented.

The Ravits, who first sailed when they crossed the Atlantic at the age of 19, worked as a professional crew on a classic luxury yacht, as well as on board cutie sark And HMS Gannet.

She said the film aims to promote the idea of ​​motorless sailing “for the sake of luxury, keeping traditional skills alive and protecting our marine environments.”

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The project recognizes that it is not feasible for all ships to be without an engine, and aims to support a campaign led by National Historic Ships UK in promoting the benefits of spending time turning the engine off and, for example, carrying out a maneuver under and suspended.

The project recently won a National Lottery Project grant from the Arts Council, but an additional £10,000 must be raised in order to produce the film.

So far, more than a quarter of the money has been raised through the Crowdfunder campaign.

Prizes given to backers include limited editions of signed films, and sailing day blue mermaid And an opportunity to secure executive producer credit.

Hand holding a chisel used on the hull of a wooden boat

It is hoped that Wind, tides and oar It will open discussions about traditional skills. Credit: Huw Wahl/Wind Tide & Oar

Wind, tides and oar It will premiere in early 2024 on cutie sark in Greenwich.

The launch will be followed by a 10-week sailing-powered inspection trip blue mermaidoperated by the Sea-Change Sailing Trust.

Up to 120 young and trained adults will join as crew and help deliver the barge to southeastern ports, where the audience on board will be invited to film the shows.

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