Bengaluru: Unidentified man found dead in car covered in graffiti used in movies | Bengaluru

The ambassador’s old yellow car, which had been parked on a quiet Rajajinagar street for more than two years, made headlines when police found a body inside on Friday. According to reports, residents complained of a foul smell coming from the graffiti-covered car that was abandoned after being used in the filming of some films.

The body was found at around 4 pm on Friday after Magdy Road police searched the car and found the dead man in the front seat. Police reportedly found a few alcoholic beverage cans lying around but there was no indication that the man had been forced or struggled before his death. The Ambassador was never closed and was abandoned after the death of the owner, known as Gopi, two years ago.

It was not possible to identify the dead man, although the police recovered Adar’s card from his pocket. This is because the Aadhaar card belonged to a 64-year-old man from Kamakshipalya, while the man who was found dead in the car was nearly 35 years old.

Magadi police then transported the body to Victoria Hospital for an autopsy that will reveal the exact cause of the man’s death. Doctors, after examining the body, reportedly said they suspected the man had died from excessive alcohol consumption.

Police also tried to track down the owner of the car and speculated that there was a connection between the man and the car. However, they hit another dead end when the death of Joby, the car owner who had been providing props to the film industry for filming two years ago, was revealed to have died. Officials were trying to track down the whereabouts of the Joby family, who had moved to another part of the city.

Residents of the area did not file any complaints about the abandoned car because they knew it belonged to Gobi. Teens have been known to take selfies with the car due to the strange drawing and graffiti bengaluru that Gopi is supposed to do.

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