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100% ORM Market Growth by 2029

Sarasota, FL / Accessware / May 3, 2022 / Public figures, business owners and others who care about the way the public views them are beginning to understand the importance of online reputation management (ORM), sometimes through bitter experience and lost revenue. Choosing search engine optimization (SEO) is important but how do they handle search results, especially if they are negative?

There is no longer any choice about whether to focus attention on tracing management or SEO: today companies and public figures know that both should be priorities.

The thought leaders of ORM and SEO agree: They say it doesn’t have to be a battle to see which should come first. SEO and ORM are increasingly being used to work together to support and grow a strong reputation.

Statistics clearly show the growth of ORM usage and understanding: Studies show that the Online Reputation Management Services market will grow by 100% by 2029.

SEO Leads to ORM: How the Two Work Together to Create a Positive Online Image

To understand the relationship between SEO and ORM, it is necessary to know how each method works.

Search engine optimization pushes search results to the top of the Google search page. Most people who search for information online never click on the first page of results – in fact, most people don’t even bother to get past the highest search result on the first page. By using specific keywords and search terms, search engine optimization helps boost a website’s search ranking, making it more likely to be seen by others.

Online reputation management controls what searchers see when they search for a person online. This is important for people who are building a new brand or defending an established brand, those who want – or should – improve their online image after a reputation issue, job seekers and career builders in the professional world who want to highlight experiences relevant to their industry and their business., a leading reputation management company, works with clients to ensure strong SEO practices are supported with ORM. According to the experts at the company, “SEO results mean nothing if we don’t manage them.” While SEO is key to getting information in front of the public, information management is key to ensuring that the person or company in question maintains a positive reputation on the front end.

There’s no need for SEO and ORM to compete for the best bills – the two can work together to help any professional build a positive online image.

Why was SEO created before ORM?

While the Internet seems to have been around forever, it has only been a few decades since people started using the Internet on a large scale. Initially, creating an online presence was the focus of interest for many professionals and businesses. Before search engines became a well-known tool, consumers had to have a direct Internet address to get information about a person or company. Once search engines became a standard tool in the early 2000s, companies and professionals increasingly laser-focused their vision and what could be seen of them by others using the Internet.

Over time, the Internet has grown, becoming a place for reviews, rumors, news, and more. Companies have recognized the importance of appearing at the top of the search engine, and many practices have been implemented to do so – but few have fully realized the importance of having the most useful information pop up at the top of a search page and how to best use the assets available on a search results page.

Based on gaining experience and evolving around search engines, the market then realized that more was needed. In 2015, when was founded, ORM was in its infancy, and today it is an essential aspect of any successful online marketing program.

Search engine optimization helps the company to have a remarkable online reputation management that helps ensure that the right information is seen by the people who matter most.

Founded in 2015 by Adam Petrelli, is the award-winning leader in Online Reputation Management (ORM). The company offers leading ORM solutions for individuals and businesses including reputation analysis, negative content suppression, optimization and removal, brand promotion and protection, and privacy protection. For information, visit, Facebook at, YouTube at, Twitter at and LinkedIn at

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