Windows 10 for 12 euros, one hundred percent original and valid for life?

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Are you still using pirated Windows? why? Obtaining a license is now easier and cheaper than ever before Windows is 100% genuine and valid for lifeThat is, you activate it whenever you want and use it for as long as you want, without limits. Why put your devices and data at risk with software whose reliability can’t be guaranteed? Does not make sense!

Seriously: it doesn’t make sense. For 12 euros you can get a Windows license with all the law, ready to activate or, if you prefer, to keep and activate when it suits you best, it could be today or next year. What you can’t think about too much is when to buy it, because even though these offers are repeated from time to time, they don’t last long.

By the way, who says Windows 10 for 12 euros, says Windows 10 Home for 11.5 euros or Windows 10 Pro for 13.5 euros, Windows 11 for 18.5 euros, Microsoft Office from 23 euros and even bundles with the operating system and Office suite included in the prices that make you Doubt buying them even if you already have the originals. For more data, take a look:

  • Lifetime Key for Windows 10 Home OEM by 11.5 EUR
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM Lifetime Key by 13.5
  • Windows 11 Pro OEM Lifetime Key by €18.5
  • Office 2016 Pro Plus Lifetime Key by 23
  • Office 2019 Pro Plus Lifetime Key By 47 EUR
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM + Office 2016 Pro Plus Pack By €37
  • Windows 10 Pro OEM + Office 2019 Pro Plus Pack By 51 euro

Windows 10

How are these prices possible, when Microsoft sells licenses for its products for hundreds of euros? Thanks to an incredible combination of factors: These are the OEM licenses that wholesale stores like BZFuture get to be able to sell them at the lowest price… Since you’re reading MC, you can only get these items by entering our discount coupon for those prices.

The purchase process is simple: Follow the article link that interests you the most and register in the store as you would on any other site. Then proceed with the purchase and you will see a box where you can enter the ‘Promotion Code’. This is where you should put the word “VERY”, which will act as a discount coupon, reducing the price by 20%.

Once the discount is applied, you will see that the price finally matches the price shown. In the next step, you make the payment, and in a few moments, you will have access to the key with which you can redeem your original Windows or Microsoft Office license, either in the customer section of the same store, or at the email address you use. I signed up

How does the activation process work?

Once you get the license, all you have to do is Use it to activateFor example, your Windows operating system. It is a very simple process that we explain step by step in this help article. Or you save them when you need them, because we’ve repeated them, they are licenses that are valid for life, either to use or to activate whenever you want.

In your current installation of Windows 10, type “Activate Windows” in the search box in the Start bar, and in the list of results choose “Check if Windows is activated”, even though you already know the answer to this question. A question. But the important thing is not the answer, but the window in which the said information will be displayed.

Find the “Change product key” link in it, and in the box that will open, type in the Windows 10 key you just bought:

Windows 10 is legal for only 12 euros.  Why is it worth it?

Click Next, follow the steps that the wizard will indicate, and in the end, your Windows 10 installation will already be activated and ready to make the most of it.

Windows 10 is legal for only 12 euros.  Why is it worth it?

If we are talking about a fresh installation, then the process is simpler, that is, during the installation process, the wizard will ask you at some point the activation key for Windows 10. In this step of the process:

Windows 10 is legal for only 12 euros.  Why is it worth it?

Write the key there, which will be immediately validated by the installer, proceed with the process, and in the end, your copy of Windows 10 will already be activated for life.

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