Rebel Wilson and the cast of ‘Senior Year’ discuss their new movie on Netflix and avoid the stress of social media today

Over the past decade, movie star Rebel Wilson has been the hilarious girl we expected to finally laugh on the big screen, but these days, the Australian-born actress is taking her Hollywood career to the next level.

In fact, on her second birthday in March, Rebel, 42, celebrated her ability to connect with Hollywood and all that surrounds her new home, sharing on Instagram her US permanent resident card. When she congratulated Rebel on the last news at the beginning of the interview, she replied, “Awe, thanks! I’ve always loved America and it’s always been my dream to love working here and living here. I’m excited that he’s finally done everything officially and other things. It’s great.”

You can now see Rebel in action Graduation YearHer latest movie is streaming on Netflix. So, what was this comedy, laden with a nostalgic streak of the early 2000s about, that made Rebel want to share?

“I got the script and it was in its early stages and just thought – wow, the hypothesis of a girl going into a coma in her senior year for 20 years and then getting up and trying to re-perform her senior year 20 years later It was a really fun thing to play with, especially given how ‘wake up’ everything is in society and how ‘flexible’ the kids are. There are a lot of differences between 2022 and 2002 culturally, in society and as a comedic introduction, that would be very good.”

Rebel keeps sharing that Graduation Year It marks the third film she has produced, with her former comedies Isn’t this romantic And crowd. So, I wondered how Rebel could enjoy producing responsibilities in ways that her on-screen performance simply wouldn’t.

“Most people don’t know I have a law degree, so I kind of use some of the business side of things in production which is a different set of skills than acting. Acting is so much fun! I just go up on set and say funny things, but production – There is a lot of work behind the scenes and a movie like this takes years to come together and put together and bring the whole team of talented people. I don’t know, I just really like it. I feel like some elements of my leadership when I was young and I graduated from law school, it really helps with the production and I love practicing those Muscles too.

what a rebel Graduation Year Highlighting the film even better is the difference between how we communicate as a society in 2002 compared to our highest levels of technology now in 2022 with social media, a timely topic that Rebel and her real-world co-stars could handle very well.

“My character Stephanie says social media is more like a popularity contest but instead of just your school now, it’s like the whole world now,” continues Rebel. “There are a lot of things in social media that have to be difficult for kids to navigate. I couldn’t imagine — I mean, getting someone bullied at school worse enough, but if you were bullied through your phone as well, things from Like that, it can be really horrific and a whole other set of problems.”

Actress Zoe Chow plays Tiffany Graduation Yearthe mature version of Stephanie’s high school nemesis in 2002, where, although they’ve grown with age two decades later, their competitive ways haven’t matured very well.

Zoë shares her way of thinking on social media today, saying, “I’m so cut off. I take a lot of gaps away from social media because once you start taking it, I try to step back. It’s an easy thing, you know, when you start to be like Oh, that would be a good video to post. I just don’t want to think that way, but it’s hard. I think social media is really hard. I think it can be used powerfully and bring about responsibility – it can be effective, but I think whatever you have to do to stay safe and healthy in the brain, I respect that too.”

Actor Joshua Cooley plays Yaz Graduation Yeara supportive member of Stephanie’s New Friends group for 2022. Being part of the younger generation on social media, Joshua tells me, “I definitely lived through times that I love Oh no, I’m not getting enough “likes” on this photo or my engagement is going down Or something like that – it’s pretty stupid. It really is. I’m on social media a lot, and I look forward to social media, but I don’t post that often. I honestly think, if you love posting things that you love and that make you happy and want to share with the world, that’s really all you can do. If you think about it that way, it’s much better.”

Actress Avantika plays Janet in the Netflix movie, a close friend of Yaz and another welcome friend of Stephanie, after a coma. Avantika herself is only 17 years old, and talks about what social media is like for her as a modern teenager. “My take on social media is I think I thank my dad for that, but I got into social media pretty late, at least relatively to many of my friends. Once you get to know social media, you feel like you can’t live without it, you know What I mean? The character Rebel obviously has lived perfectly well without it for many decades but all of a sudden, it’s a source of verification and honestly, it kind of sucks. It really helps limit your hours on that.”

As Rebel begins his distinguished roles in Hollywood with a small and memorable performance in the film bridesmaids In 2011, Her early leadership role followed in 2012 pitch perfect Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, she questioned Rebel’s thoughts on how the entertainment industry has evolved from her perspective since her first major roles in Hollywood.

“I remember when I walked in bridesmaidsMy goal was to come to Hollywood and get into one American movie. I was like My God, if I could only get one, people in Australia would think I was a legitimate actress and then bridesmaids It was such a big blow. When I first came to Hollywood, there was a big novelty Oh, women are funny now with movies bridesmaids And pitch perfect. Now, the kind of enthusiasm is the diverse cast and diversity and inclusion is the big thing – and so, I’ve noticed a lot of changes in Hollywood. I feel like maybe the next installment will be different body types or something and more inclusiveness in that area.”

With Graduation Year With a very large team creating laughs on screen alongside Rebel, I wondered what these co-stars might say about their experiences working with Rebel.

Zoë shares “Oh my gosh, I mean, Rebel is so much fun.” “She was really the real-life ‘Captain of Fun’ during this production. She made sure it felt like summer camp when we were in Atlanta. We’d go to the movies, baseball games, dinner parties, and she liked us all and she was a great leader.”

Joshua says the following about Rebel, “You have honestly exceeded my expectations Graduation Year. She is very humble and very generous in everything. We do a lot in this movie. The space you create, it’s very welcome everyone throws whatever they want in there, you know what I mean? She really set you up for success, I feel, and that’s something I really like.”

Avantika says of her star, who is 25 years her junior, “Rebel Wilson is everything I’ve dreamed of and more. She really is so amazing. She’s someone I adore and she’s someone I’ve admired for a long time. It’s sadly so rare that when you meet someone you adore, they actually live up to it.” The level of those expectations.She was so wonderful from the second I met her,I realized the fact that I was the youngest person in the group and that it was a little difficult and a little scary.She took me out to dinner the whole time,she was literally one of the nicest people I’ve worked with. Absolutely, this period! She really is a really cool human being.”

With Graduation Year Skipping a theatrical release and going the more popular route to video premiere, Rebel says of her Netflix release, “For me, for a comedy release, it’s the best platform because this movie is going to go viral in 200 countries in the world.” Same time today and millions and millions will see it. It’s crazy – it’s so accessible to so many people all over the world. Now, streamers are dominating.”

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